Why are my leaves light green?

Why are the two back plants bright green and droopy?
Growing 4 different autoflower varieties. 7 weeks old.
Gelato bottom right, white Widow bottom left, wedding cake top left, Zkittles top right.
3 gal pots
Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil
Temps consistent between 74-76
Can’t get humidity below 60%. Staying consistent around 65%
PPM runoff is around 1100-1400, ph 6.0-6.5
Watering about 2-3 cups every other day
No nutrients until 3 days ago when I top dressed with 3 tablespoons of Nectar of The Gods One Shot and 1/4 dose of EZ Tea Grow with a good watering. Still no change in color or drooping two days later.
Any ideas on what is wrong and what I should try?

2-3 CUPS no wonder they’re so droopy they’re quite underwatered you should be giving closer to 1/2 gallon every 3 days thatll also help release nutrients in your soil helping a little with that nitrogen deficiency


This seems to be the issue in your ticket. They should be getting a good soaking at one time and then allow them to dry out. If those are 5 gallon sacks, pour in a gallon each and then let them dry out and repeat. You probably have a lot of dry zones in your soil only giving them a few cups at a time.


Thank you. I think I was too worried about overwatering. I did wonder and gave them both a good soaking a few days ago to the point where I had quite a bit of runoff. Shouldn’t they have perked up by now?

If your not watering to run off you will end up with nute lock out. May need to flush well then give it a feed.

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Nahh with organics you never need to fully water to run off ( though doing it once right before flower can help clear out some excess junk) one shot will help some but its slow release and will take weeks to kick in(next time mix it in 1 or 2 weeks into your next grow) otherwise if you a nitrogen booster hit the back with a dose


You cannot over water a mature plant in a single watering. I’m not a believer that whether you water to runoff or not is going to make a big difference. If you built up a nutrient rich soil you obviously do not want to carelessly strip those nutrients away. But getting a little bit of runoff at watering isn’t going to do this either. But you should at least make sure that your root zone is getting a through wetting when needed. Then allow to dry out and repeat.

For best results you should water at or around lights on. Your environmentals will play into how often you need to repeat, but for most it’s every couple of days. You could try bring your canopy temps up around 80f too.


I do at least a one liter bottle daily or every other day since I’ve add CMH with the Led , but Led only some lights it took 3-4 days before watering in veg cause the blue light don’t emit hardly any heat .