Everything look normal?

**** Health Check *“”“”
GSCE Autoflower 14 days old 3-1/4" Tall - Always vivid green - 3 gallon pot - slight yellowing in the images below are not actual. This is from the camera there is zero yellowing. -

  1. Should the leaves be semi-dropy like that or is it just because of their size? Or do you even consider that droopy?

2.) Temperature between 75 and 80 in the tent 60-70% humidity. Since she’s only 2 weeks old and I’m using Happy Frog I’m basically just giving her water still. I give her four cups of water. It’s bone dry the next day. I do not feed her again until 4 days have passed regardless. She’s never shown signs of under or over watering.


Looking good. The sort of dropping you see here isn’t abnormal so long as it only last several hours. Drooping is normal around watering time or lights on or off.

Do you mean just water, or are you saying added nutrients? Happy Frog will have sufficient nutes for ~4 weeks from the most recent transplant. When she gets big enough you will want to water to runoff and begin monitoring runoff PPM and maintain it at ~1,000.


@MidwestGuy Yes this image was at lights off. Also when I said feed I mean just H2O. I have a couple weeks left on the soils nutrients that came pre-loaded. I simply woke up early peeked in and saw the little bit of drooping. Never check them at lights out before so I wasn’t sure if drooping was normal. Thank you :+1:


They are growing up nicely! They look good.


They look great to me. Personally I would increase the amount of water they’re getting. Not necessarily more often, it’s good to wait for the soil to dry somewhat, but more water at each watering.


@Cap_Ron that’s a good point Ron. Basically I have been upgrading it one cup per feeding increases so it’s due Wednesday for a watering I’ll give it five cups. My goal here is to have a 3-day semi dry cycle with no indication from the leaves that it’s thirsty. I think I’m pretty much at that level now. I want her in the morning so I count that as day one it gets nothing day two and three by the morning of day 4 (water day) the soil moist indicator is at the beginning of RED (dry)

Seems to be working for me seems to be working for them


Drench to drought Grow Sis :love_you_gesture:


Those girls can handle a full drench now. If not a living soil now is the time to start your wet/dry cycle. They are ready in my opinion.


I know they’re only 14 days old but they’re nice and strong so I started some LST…

Does this look okay?


It does. I grow straight up anymore myself. Try to avoid much defoliation. Auto need all they can produce before flower since on a timer. Can also research mainlining for lst. Creates strong upward growing colas that are all equal in height and girth. Many use that style. What you just did is a tried and true SAFE way to direct the growth.


This is my first Autoflower so I’m trying to more or less learn the plant rather than a bunch of advanced techniques. Once I learn the plant then she learns me we can work together on that stuff :kissing_heart: keeping it real simple


Simple is best. I am in living soil now and I personally am caveman simple. Great success letting god grow them versus a lot of meddling.


@Storm SAFE is definitely what I’m looking for…


How long should I leave it in that position?


@MidwestGuy today I did my four day watering. I increased from from 4 cups to 7 cups. I got about a 1/2 cup of runoff.

******* IN *******
PH - 6.5
PPM. - 4 (rain water)

"**** OUT ***“”“”
PH - 6.17
PPM - 1687
% SALT. - 0.17


I would increase the input PH to 6.8-7.0 to get the root zone PH in range and closer to 6.5. Would also recommend more run off to lower the PPMs :love_you_gesture:


I wouldn’t try to lower the ppm’s. That’s the original charge from the soil, and it’s likely already on it’s way down, especially with pure rain water going through it. The plants are getting ready to hit a fast growing phase, and they’ll be getting hungry quickly.


Did some editing on day two of LST. Shes flat and as spread open as a hooker’s legs on payday…

Am I doing this right? Do I want to keep the very top of her face down sideways as shown below. She keeps growing up and I just keep laying her down and opening up the entire stem. Lots of new side growth along the stem as you can see.

I just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly. Whatcha think?


Your grow looks on point. The last picture shows water drops on the leaves. Not sure what you are doing, becareful, lights can magnify the water droplets into burn spots. Something to watch for.

Is SAFE an acronym? Or just being safe? I use kiss, keeping it simply simple.

You have good angels watching over ya.


I think you are doing a fine job and your lady is responding well to your training.

Happy growing