Droopy leaves any thoughts

Hi so I have a white widow auto and a gelato auto that are acting up and looking sad there leaves are dropping at the top , they’re about a week into flowering maybe 2 . I’ve been water with general hydroponics there whole line up pH level is at 6.2-6.5 I thought they just needed water ? They usually perk right back up , the light was pretty close 2500 viparspectur in a 2x4x5 any thoughts

Overwatering perhaps? Be sure to allow the soil to dry-cycle between waterings/feedings.

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It was bone dry , I just gave it a little bit more water the pots were still light when picking up

Then I’ll bet they perk up within 30 minutes to an hour. They were likely just thirsty.

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Be sure to water to runoff to make sure you are giving enough at every watering.


How are they looking now?

They’re back on track ,they are thirsty girl’s.