White Widow When to Harvest?

I’m growing WW Auto flowering/feminized, in potting mix, on 12/12 light cycle with LED & flourescents and just added infrared bulb for good measure. I grow in my basement so temps with heater running 24/7 keep to 70-75F.

My plants are what i believe to be end stage of flowering and are exuding resin, but all the trichomes are still milky. Should I continue to wait until the trichomes start to turn amber or is now a good time? The foliage of the plant is definitely dying back which doesn’t surprise me given the stage of flowering. This is my 2nd time growing this and last time I got antsy and harvested a bit too soon. It was still a great smoke, but wanted to see how it is when fully mature. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Thank you!

I harvest my WW at 8-9 weeks for smoke and 10-11 weeks for pain and sleep med…


Do you have more pics? This was my last grow as well! Tough to tell from that one picture. Looks nice though!

I don’t think it’s ready, more pictures would help. The whole plant and some bud and trichomes pictures

My Mom grew 2 white widow autos a couple months ago. She uses a jewlers magnifying :mag_right:glass and/or a microscope to look at the trichomes. She harvests when they look cloudy/milky, before many turn amber. She did a staggered harvest (harvesting the buds at the top of the plant that were ready and left the rest to mature a few more days) You can’t tell from the pics but I thought I’d share anyways.

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Still have a while still lots of white pistols