White widow stops growing

From a fellow grower: White Widow germinated but stops growing.

  • Strain: white widow
  • Type: auto
  • Climate: (indoor
  • Medium: ordinary potting soil
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: ?? Just tap water that i sit out for a week before use
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): zero
  • Light type & schedule: Spider farmer1000. 18/6
  • Temperatures day & night: day temp about 80/ night about 63
  • Humidity day & night: 30/day humidity and same at lights out
  • Ventilation: none yet. It’s in a walk-in closet so it gets plenty of air
  • AC: 0
  • Humidifier: 0
  • De-humidifier: 0
  • Co2: 0

I’ve tried 4 seeds and they all just seem to stop growing. The pic I attached is one that is 17 days from first spouting from soil. also only water when the soil is dry. My spide farmer 1000 is 18 inches away from top of plant,

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Give it time. They take like a month for the roots to grow. That little part of the plant grows just to make the roots grow then once the roots grow the rest of this will start growing. Patience grasshopper


What are your watering practices? Exactly WHAT potting soil?

Likely overwatering with a possibility of too high a nutrient level in soil.

Frankly; you need to have all of your ducks in a row to successfully grow autos. If anything is off you will stall the plant.


I was thinking along the lines of possible over watering. It super easy to do with these little ladies.

At this stage I had success with spraying the soil at the base of the girls 2 times a day. Making sure to not to saturate everything.

Set a schedule give and less than you think they need, its what helped me.

Best of luck!

Jus a recommendation as i am doing wwa as well rite now…up your humidity(i typically go around 70% at ur point right now) and then work back from there dropping it…also i notice shes looking rather stout rite now…ive always given mine a firm gentle push downwards into soil spacing 2 fingers approx an inch away from her sides n retop with soil if needed and only usually do it once! Hope this helps a bit and happy growing🙂