Need a diagnosis , need help

Whats going on with my white widow autos. DWC FLORA GROUP NUTES, WITH CAL MAG AND TERPINATOR


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Pictures or it didn’t happen…


On 3-21-2022, I planted these white widow seeds. They are about 3 inches tall. They are indoors in my south facing kitchen window.
Should I plant them in my 5 gallon pots now.
How deep should I plant them since they are a bit leggy!!
They will be in my unseated garage under a grow light. Do I set the grow light on ‘vegetative’ or ‘grow’,….or both? All frosts should be past now.
Any advice is appreciated.

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DWC pH at 6 or i adjust. PPM around 600 to 640. Distilled water. 600w mars hydro light. Try to keep water around low 70s. White widow auto from ILGM

Still won’t let me post a pic ??

Windows are made to block UVA /UVB light, not good for MJ that is very light hungry. So your plants stretched some get them under the grow light asap and you can burry the stem some to support them. You can run grow switch for now but i would run both switches on once they are growing well. Happy growing man :smiley:

Light is Everything for the Ladies.!!! Windows don’t work, as stated with UV protection. Get them the light they need now. Happy Growing!:sunglasses:

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