Help with seedling growth

This is a White Widow seedling which germinated on 08/26/21. Is now approx. 2.5" tall with what appears to be a flower forming on top.

Seedling was transplanted from germination pot to larger pot with Espoma soil on 09/12/21, and appeared root-bound.

This is third White Widow seed which has stagnated during seedling stage.

The leaves have never had a dark green color, and the leaves brown around the edges before dying off.

This plant definitely appears to be budding on top…AT THREE WEEKS post-germination.

I use 1000watt, full spectrum led grow light. It runs 20 hours on and 4 hours off schedule.
The plant is indoors in climate controlled environment, at 73°F temp, and 50% humidity with de-humidifier.
Ph of water is 6.5 and soil is 7.0.

This is my first time growing, and I need help! Advice, please.

Make and model? Is it purple?

Vivosun VS1000.
It is white…full spectrum.

You should make a dome for it. They need higher RH% at least 80% but I prefer 90% and higher. Its how they get water at first through the leaves till the roots are established.

We also need a better picture. All I see is a blurred plant. I can’t make any details out.


Closer to a 100 watt light.

I don’t grow autos because mine have all been runts.

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Welcome to the group! Happy growing. Have fun! And remember, there is a huge learning curve. Don’t get stressed (like me).


You humidity is to low and I think you pH on soil is high so maybe she can’t get the nute on you soil, soil should be 6.0 to 6.5

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I used vivasum 1000wts no problems nice light for amateurs


Are these autos? If yes, they might be stunted for a few reasons.
-transplant shock
-the soil is too hot, meaning there are too many nutrients in the soil
-over watering

These are the main reasons I’ve had trouble with my autos. It’s a real bummer then they start to flower at so small.

Can you try planting in the final container?


Here are a couple better pics. I can build dome, but should I put in humidifier? 80-90% rh will be tough to get to. I can spray plant with water.

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Yes, autos. I’m using soil that is very hot, and transplanted one week ago. I definitely have not over watered. Tried germinating in final pot, but with same hot soil. Plant just burned up.

Thanks. I’m already stressed!

Thanks. Also have a Sosen SS200VA, 1X2’. Which would be better?

The folks on here will help you straighten it all out. I don’t have any patience on the best of days, this endeavor has helped me with that.

Post your questions with pictures and it will work out. Observe, adjust & wait for it to work. Rem, these are not tomatoe plants, this hard to get right on the first shot.

You got this!

This helped me.

But this helped more…


A lot of people plant autos in their final pot due to the possibility of transplant shock. However I honestly don’t think this is the issue here. It almost looks to me like damping off. How are you watering? How often, how much? What are you using to test pH?

I see you said your soil pH is 7. How are you testing that?

There is almost no way this is a humidity issue IMHO. I grew a White Widow Auto at 40% and less RH. No issues like this. I don’t bother with humidity domes. As a matter of fact, I have killed some seedlings while using them. Perhaps I just don’t know how to use them properly, but I just don’t bother and have had no issues.

As far as it flowering early, this does happen. Autos do what they want, when they want.

Also, don’t spray it with water. Cannabis really doesn’t need it and the water can actually act like a magnifying glass and burn your plant.

Will also second @NYDon on reading @Hellraiser journals. I learned most of what I know from him. He’s a cool dude and as you see, he has no problems answering questions. Just do the friendly thing and look for the info first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that man answers a LOT.


I’ll be honest based on my own experiences. You may as well accept this one as a learning curve, she’s gonna be little no matter which way you slice it. I’ve got an auto Gelato who may net 1/8th if I’m lucky for the very same reasons. Learning while working with autos, who have their own schedules. Now that she’s flowering she’s not gonna get much larger - maybe double in size but at the end of the day that’s not much.

Do grow her out through the finish so you can see the whole process.

I started with 2x VS1000s. My money would have been better spent on good lights the first time but I kept them as veg lights for photoperiod plants. I’ve since upgraded to a 240w kingbrite and a 320w HLG light for flowering.

As someone else noted, the soil ph is high. 6.5 is ideal, but you can’t really move it fast- it’ll have to get scooted with a good heavy-handed watering every time she gets watered. Water with 6.2-6.5 ph and water til there’s 20% runoff (if you put a gallon in, you should get something like 26 ounces out). That will slowly help lower the PH.

The transplant didn’t help - the one auto I did transplant made absolutely zero new growth after the transplant - she was already in preflower so I’m not surprised, but it’s a common theme among autos. Transplant once, maximum, and do it young if you have to do it at all.


Put a clear solo cup or similar device over you plant. (A cut clear 2 liter soda bottle) Spray the inside of the cup with a fine mist of plain ph’ed water. Leave the “dome” on unless you are spraying the inside of it. If there is condensation in/on the cup it does not need anything else right now. That said, I am not familiar with that soil.

If the soil is dry, and I mean dry, leave the dome on and water a little around the cup. Not under it. And it will only need a few cups of water at a time. This will make the roots reach out for it.

Just my opinion of what I would do.

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Great advice! Ziplock bags work too!

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Here are my current autos, at 4 weeks old.

The 3 with LST are autos, the 4th in the bottom right is a photo that I cloned.

The first pic is my pink Kush cbd auto, and is definitely stunted. I had problems with high temps for the first 3 weeks. Also had insufficient light and they stretched like crazy as seedlings. Two of them recovered and are growing really well, the pink Kush got stunted from it.

I had the same strain stunt earlier this year, only gave me 9 grams once she dried. Definitely overwatered it and gave it heat stress as a seedling. It’s CBD and the 9 grams I got is good, but super low yield. I don’t know if it will happen to yours, but I share to show a small yield can still be good bud.

I’m on my second year growing… every time I feel comfortable and think I know what I’m doing…. the plants know and throw out problems. Keep at it!

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You spray the dome twice a day. This is how the humidity jumps up.

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