White widow outdoor garden

Purchased WW fem from ilgm,sprouted on 4/13/21,moved out doors on 5/13/21.Planted in a prepared 3’x12’ bed with approx.40 bags of Coast of Maine Stonington blend. More then 8 hrs direct sun daily. They are 11’tall !!! [no pruning] Initial budding started last week of July. Started applying 0-10-0 Bat guano at that time. The plants are exploding with flowers. These are the healthiest plants I have ever seen. I can’t find any info on WW growing this tall {and still growing].Wondering if anyone out there has similar experiences


I didn’t buy mine here …and mine is the same lineage as white widow however the dispo labeled it 90’s dutch

Mine sprouted 4/5

Also outdoors …I have never grown before but really like what I’m seeing …

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MidwestGuy said it best:

“Pictures or it didn’t happen”

:rofl::grin: (I just wanna see em) :exploding_head:


Coming to u on Wed. morning.Presently in Philly live in NYC!!Can"t wait to share with others.Will get GREAT pics.hope 2 get some feed back


I’m right in jer-Z


wow being that close to each other and having 11’ plants im surprised you cant smell them hahaha