My 1st ILGM (fem) White Widow, outdoor grow, pics

So this is the last of my upstate NY grow , a Fem WW. I was going to pull her a few days ago after a trimming ,but decided to leave her for another week due to some Great warming weather. She is now at 110 days. The first pic of her is on the right, large pot at about 10 days

I"d like to thank all at ILGM @latewood, @garrigan62, @Aquaponic_Dumme, @ktreez420,@Paranorman and sooo many more for their input and advice on this first ILGM grow. This is just the Beginning.


Crikey! Congrats on a very successful grow!

Thank you so much , lots of fun !!! still aint over yet. <*)))><{

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That should have been in the bud of the month contest great job

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Beautiful my friend, absolutely beautiful! Great job @FyshhTrap!

If my Auto Blueberry doesn’t win this month then this one is going in for a play !! Thank you so much.

Gorgeous pics

Thank you Irish, took about 15 to get those few digital pics.