White Widow grow

Hydro growing a single White Widow in a small grow box and just switched to flowering at start of week 4, Plant has huge fan leaves; should I tie down the large fan leaves to make sure all bud sites get adequate light exposure?

Be careful not break them. I try to fold them out of the way. you can rotate the plant and adjust the fan leaves as necessary. Glad you do not wan to chop them off.

Don’t know how small your grow box is, but you may want to consider training some of the linbs; Also :slight_smile:

latewood…thanx so much for the info, but I think I’m in a bit of trouble. More than likely I’m going to run out of room for vertical growth with this wonderful female. I thought a 3 week veg and forcing flower early would keep plant around 20 or so inches. As you can see in the pic I’m quickly running out of room and about 4 inches from my 200W CFL.

I read about topping but if that’s the answer how can I do this with a hydro grow, and if so do I loss the signature main center fat cola??? I’m open to whatever suggestions you think will bail me out. Is it possible to ‘bend’ the center stem and anchor it down and it grow lateral. Desperate to keep as much yield as possible. I know now that next grow in this small box will have to be a SOG. Thanx in advance for your feedback and support!

If I :roll: