White Widow first time indoor grow

Do I need to adjust the time my lights are on to have this plant bud and if so how many days into the grow?

Generally speaking ,

For vegetative growth
18 on / 6 off

For flowering
12 on / 12 off

When to switch to flower depends on many factors:

  • Grow Space
  • Plant Height
  • Plant Health
    And finally your patient :grin:

30 - 50 days depending on how healthy the plant is

Welcome to the group!

What is the strain, how old are they, and do you have any pics?

White Widow I believe is the strain. It is not an auto.

I have no pics yet just germinating the seeds right now. I have grown before but I had big plants small buds. I would like to reverse that. I’m keeping a jurnal. I will post my progress with pics. I have since discovered that do have to set my lighting schedule to 12 on 12 off at about the 8 th week.

Thank you I will post my progress.

You don’t need to wait 8 weeks specifically. You can do a little shorter or longer depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.


Thank you for your response. I want of course to have maximum bud in a small space. I have a 3x3 grow room and good led lighting about 400 real watts. I would like big buds and lots of them.

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just remember when you flip to flower they will approx double in size. knowing that determine how big you want her to get before you flip… each plant is different even same type and grown next to each other

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Thanks jt123 I will certainly keep that top of mind.

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I have a real problem my white Widow seed germinated grew well until the first set of leaves came and then it just stopped growing no more leaves are forming. It looks healthy but just stopped growing. Any ideas why?

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pictures would be helpful. how long has it not been growing. she could be hanging around growing root before she takes off. is she auto or photo.

It is not a photo it has been above ground 5 days. The two tiny leaves been there two days and are growing very slowly compared to what the rest of the plant grew in the same time period.
600 watt led in grow, 77 degrees 75 humidity I have only ever given it 6.7 ph water.

I may have spoken too soon seems to be perking up throughout the day. You may have been right about the roots. I also gave it a little water.
Thanks for responding.:grin:

please make sure you have drain holes in the cup or you can get root rot. what are you transplanting into