White Widow 3 weeks of vegetation

This is my first grow for hydro. It is very lush, and about 5 " tall. At what point should I top and then begin flowering stage? I want the plant to be 2 feet at the end for harvest.


I’m gonna call a hydro guy in: I can see all kinds of issues and would rather he address them. @TDubWilly? Are you around?


Number one your roots can’t be exposed to light like that


I’m driving but I’m taking a look lol


Do you have an air stone in there?

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Your plant looks good for the conditions it’s in lol


Yes, I do have an air stone.

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Even in the vegetative stage? I change the water once a week, you are saying I should place it in a dark space when doing that?

That is the tub I use for holding the roots while changing the water.

It blows me away how good it looks! Can you imagine if I knew what I was doing? haha!

this is awesome, ive never seen something like this

There are so many shoots I have only trimmed some canopy leaves. When should I top? My box will allow me to grow to about 2 feet without the light being too close. Right now she is 5 inches tall.

The container should be opaque. You can probably get away with painting it, but I wouldn’t try to do that with it in use. Maybe duct tape cardboard over it for now. Roots need to be in the dark, all the time.

White Widow takes a bit to get going. Be patient, and if you can take some of the blue light out or add more red, or decrease intensity, it will lengthen the stem length between nodes. She’ll stretch a lot, and grow more vigorous later in veg.

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He said in a later post the clear tub was a temp holding while water changing.

Without a lot of experience with auto’s, I would suggest letting the auto Lady do her thing.
But, again, he says he only has two feet of head room.

I apologize. I should be more clear. Based on the lighting suggestions and the plants behavior I described, I would recommend getting her to stretch a little to allow more training. If there’s only two feet available, the plant will fill that space quickly without any training. I completely left that thought off.

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I have a K-5 LED 1000 I started white willow 2 weeks ago they are on their second set of leaves but the stems are real long what would you recommend for the percentage of light that I need I turn the Reds all the way off and I was running at 35% but my stands are getting real long should I increase the percentage of the light and if so by how much and when would I turn the Reds back on

That makes sense, I will try changing the lighting.

I painted another bin dark, that is what I use when I do a water change.