Topping Flowering White Widow Issues

It must have been in 6 or 7th week and I topped several White Widows. This one basically looked like a hollow straw when I topped it. It stopped growing, but man the surprise was a 12 gram bud at the base of the plant at harvest. Didn’t produce much, but what it did was good.

Have read top after 5th node. Since my one experience I am scared to hurt them again. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Are these autos or photos? It looks like they may have already been flowering when you topped them.

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Nope, not even a hint. I believe they were feminized. It was really weird that one plant stop growing.


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i have an outdoor grow that i want to keep. under 6 ft i have had plants that reached 12 ft in the past and don’t need any attention to my garden can i top them at about 4 or 5 ft

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@stayhigh1 Top em as many times in veg as you like but she is gonna double in size once flower kicks in. Topping doesnt control the size as much as it makes an even canopy. Train her sideways and look into super cropping. Welcome to the forum.

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She was for sure in flower when you topped her, she might not have shown yet but she had made the switch. Its what stopped up growth.

Yes but auto or photo?


Not sure as what you mean, please elaborate. Still green about all this.

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That is a very good question, purchased through ILGM. I was unaware that photo even existed. I was under the assumption that feminized are a more larger, longer growing.

As seedlings I did keep them in 24/7 light.

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Feminized means that the seeds you have will be female plants which produce those juicy buds we love.

ILGM sells only feminized seeds. Strain genetics and environmenal conditions are what will determine the actual size and quality of the plants.

ILGM has feminized photoperiod as well as feminized autoflower versions of most of their strains. Photoperiods will need to have their light period manipulated to begin flower whereas autos will flower when they want.

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Those buds look freakin fire btw

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Photo period and autoflowers. Autos’s & Photo’s are what you’ll see most people refer to them as. Auto’s don’t require any light schedule change, they flower when they want you have no control.

It wouldn’t hurt to put a little aloe on that cut stem, or cover the wound with teflon tape just to keep bacteria out.

From looking at your second pic, it looks like you need a lot more light.

What soil / medium are you using?
What nutes? (fertilizer)
What light? (PPFD / DLI)

There’s a bunch of these guy’s that blow me outta the water, but as an example this is my girls at 7 weeks:

Scroll down to post 357 to see week 8, and post 371 to see how I still have a ton to learn. Then realize, knowing and applying are two different things. :four_leaf_clover: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :love_you_gesture:t4: :four_leaf_clover:

Edit: Mine are auto’s.

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Thank you, first indoor grow.


Back to the roots organic soil (lowes cheap)
Since I had a problem with 2 TS600’s yellowing 2 crops, I now add half doses of cal-mag and epson salts every day at water.

I am so worried about water ph that I own 2 ph testers use everyday to make sure I dont vary from the magic 6.5ph level.

I have 4 - 4&5 bulb CFL fixtures. With phillips 23w bulbs. They work and dont yellow my plants.
I had a decent harvest, just not tight buds. This grow I am using ts600 Chinese knock offs that have dimmers. 2 in big tent, 1 in little tent. I can physically see the difference.

I thoroughly understand that I do not know it all, nor will I ever. I keep my mind and eyes wide open and walk closely on the roads other have paved for me.

Your plants are beautiful. I am running into same problem of tents packed and now cups & pots are everywhere in the house.


I see what some of these guys are doing… I don’t know shite!

I’ve had some that were crazy scraggley and still got decent smoke off of’m.

Have you considered a light meter? It changed my world! The Uni-T is just over $30 on amazon, works fantastic with the free PPFD app. Lets me adjust my lightng while keeping my eyes outta the light. If you look at them, make sure it’s the Bluetooth model.

I burnt plants, I stretched plants… then $30 later. I kick myself for not doing it sooner.

Yeah the buds on that plant in the pic look like some good smoke, no doubt. But if you can get it dialed in you’ll just get a lot more off the same plant. I’m still learning and tweaking myself. Grateful as I can be for all the guru’s on here showing me the path. I just keep find’n ways to fall off of it. :rofl: :rofl:

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Ah yes a light meter… tis on my to do list. But after going down that rabbit hole research my head was about to explode. The over amount of info out there is staggering.

I am dealing with the LED drivers heat, so after I get them outside the tent, I will get light meter.

Yes I grew from CFL’s. Yes I had a yield. Wasnt the best buy my God is was good. And that why I am now on this forum. To be amazed and learn from the masters.

I thought I was growing a plant, not making chemical weapons!

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They get $480 an ounce in dispensary and an additional 3% tax here in Jersey. I thought I could spend $20 bucks and grow some buds.

I fell on floor when I added up the money invested. But aint nothing like fresh off the farm… in my case pain relief is priceless!


I’m a research nut. I research everything to death. This is by far the best value I can find.

Keep watching, it’s at $35 right now, but it bounces back and forth between 35 and 31, every couple of weeks or so.

Uni-T Bluetooth

Migro is a pretty good source for lighting research all around. Heres his take on the Uni-T.

Migro Uni-T

Here’s the app that works GREAT with it. My understanding is it works better with android, thats what I have and I freaking love it.

PPFD Meter

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I know right, I started outside and cost next to nothing, then got new neighbors, and then the county / developers, started developing around me… that and the constant battle with caterpillars, storms, deer, squirrels and all that other crap… forced me indoors.

Wow! Thank you. It’s help like this that makes it all worth it.

Thank you for your time…

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