White Widow growing out, not up

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Hello again, I just started a new White Widow from a photo period feminized seed. The tap root emerged after 24 hours soaking in a shot glass of water. It then went into a Root Riot plug in a humidity dome until there were numerous roots visible. It’s now in its final home in a RDWC system inside a 2x4 tent with an HLG300rspec light at 30% power, roughly 12” above the plant. Space heater set to 75F and humidifier set to 65%RH. Nutes are GH.

This is my first time growing White Widow and I’m concerned how “squatty” she is. Is this just the nature of WW strain or is something else going on? Maybe the light is too low? Open to suggestions. Thanks one and all.


Tight nodes are due to an abundance of light. You can encourage her to stretch out by raising your light or turning it down a little.


Raise your light to get more distance on your node growth :love_you_gesture:


The R-spec won’t produce as tight a node as the B-spec so raising the light to 24" ought to open the plant up. Remember you are only seeing what’s going on in the canopy and the plant is likely building a massive root structure now.

Plant looks great!


I totally underestimated medium and she sank a bit in the pot.

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Auto or photo? If a photo you could transplant to a better pot with more medium. If an auto, you’ll have to ride it out. Do you have holes in the bottom of the pots?

Mines auto and yes, I have some rock and holes around and on bottom.

I think raising light some will help too.