Yesterday was the first day of vegetation

This is my setup in my grow cabinet for my 10 white widow extreme feminized plants. I was wondering if my lighting should be lowered or wait till I noticed signs of stretching?? The lights are on 18/6 On/Off
The temperature seems to be running a tad high, 85 was the high and my humidity is not rising, high of 31%.
Is there something I need to change even though it’s been One day??

as your plants increase foliage your humidity will rise and led can be fairly intense light so adjust height only if you see signs of stretching in a cabinet you want to keep your ladies short as for your temps you will need to get them a bit lower. this can be accomplished using cool mist humidifier or increasing ventilation.

nice setup. looks expensive heh.

having just finished (4) white widows, i think your space may end up being too small for 10 plants.

by harvest time,…they were only about 3 feet tall. but pretty bushy. probably 24-28 inches wide. a good 3-4 Sq. ft. space was required for each plant. to avoid a crowded space.
there is no way i could have squeezed 10 in the same space, which was 1 part of 10x10 tent.
so i was using approx 5 feet by 3 feet space. and 7 feet high, for the 4 plants. there was room to get around all 4 plants,…and that was on purpose, to lessen complications.

heres a pic so you can see.

those pics are from day #28 of flowering. so they did grow quite a bit more in the 40 days that followed. but you can see already how they fill up space rather quickly.

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Okay so it’s okay to turn my small fan on now if needed?

Those plants look good as hell!! But it’s my first grow and I didn’t know if ten would take up the whole cabinet space. My cabinet is 5 ft tall 2 ft wide and the depth is about 3 ft. I’ll do my best to keep them under control. My goal is 1 pound of bud from the ten. You think I can reach that goal if i space them out as much as possible and keep them groomed??

You are master and commander of your plants environment the better control you can create the happier your plants will be and they in turn will reward you for it. Yes a fan is always good to have running while lights are on

i do think you can reach that goal. granted they thrive all the way up to harvest heh.
from my 4 i got about 14 oz. but i did some training (topping) to increase yield. and i am far from advanced at this, only my 4th grow. so to get 2 more oz. from 6 more plants seems totally do-able.

with that 2x3 ft. width/depth, idk man, hopefully some others can chime in. i dont want to scare you into making changes unnecessarily. what i can say for fact is,…white widow are inherently bushy. even without training.

probably best to leave well enough alone for now. maybe look around the web for similar size setups and see how many they were succesful with?

Ok to get a pound it is some what un-realistic on first grow in tight space with less than a square meter with your height limits 2 plants Scrogged maybe given more practice with your set-up?


Not trying to be a buzz killer but I also don’t want to feed you false info

Yeah I’m not trying to get ahead of myself just trying to see what is a realistic goal for my type of setup. But I’ll look around and see what other are yielding. Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely come back if I have any problems!

Yeah I’m not trying to get too fancy just to get a big yield. Just the basic beginner growing is good enough for me! But thanks for the info and nice plants again man!

So how’d everything turn out?