Environment tips for a white widow beginner

Recommended indoor spacing/area/environment needed for plant health - White Widow


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Going to need more information than that.
Like how big is your grow room ?
How many plants you want to grow and so on.



Yes please provide as much info as possible. Size tent or outdoor, lighting and your climate all can affect your grow.
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Thanks guys for clarifying my lame topic lol . So I’ve made space in my walk in wardrobe for a secret room.
wardrobe area measures 1.6m by 1.9m by 2.1m. grow space available is 1.3m by 1.3m by 2.1m.
question: how much of that 2.1m height will i need to use for my white widows including a 600w light?
How many plants can i fit in that area? and will it take 8-9wks using a 600w light? thank you

Not a lame topic at all. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know, you know? All that said, I’m pretty new to growing, and I’m sure some of the more experienced guys will help me out, but…

If your light is a true 600 watts, you could comfortably grow 3-4 plants, depending on their size (strain, how long you veg, etc.). Your light will cover 12 square feet, or about 1.1 square meters, efficiently. The height, short answer is “all the height you have,” but really it will depend on the type of lighting, how close you can get to the canopy. You will be somewhat limited with the height you have, so utilizing that light’s full potential might not be possible. You might not have room for the plants, the space between them and the lights, and the lights themselves. You may want to only grow a couple plants and use a scrog screen to keep the height down and make the best use of the space, and your lights. Just search ‘scrog’ on this forum and you will find a wealth of info.

You will also want to consider your ventilation. The air in the space needs to be replaced frequently so your plants have plenty of fresh co2, and to help cool all that light! And if you want to control the smell, you’ll need room for a carbon filter as well.

As far as how long it will take, it’s very difficult to put an exact answer on that. Genetics, growing medium/conditions/environment, length of vegetative growth, lighting type/intensity, feeding, sizes of pots, were they topped/fimmed/supercropped, were they transplanted, were they clones or seeds…and I’m surely forgetting a few…all change the length of time to harvest.

VERY generally speaking, for photoperiod plants, 3-7 days to germinate, a few weeks as a seedling, at least a few weeks vegetative growth, around 8-10 weeks flowering, a week or so drying time, and at least a few weeks to cure if you want to really enjoy it. So, 5 to 6 months from seed, again, very roughly. Autos are a different story, I’m still learning and have no experience there. But, I know they are somewhat shorter, seed to harvest.

Sorry no one responded sooner. I hope this helps! And welcome! You’ll find a ton of info, and lots of experienced folks to answer just about any question you could come up with. Happy gardening!


@elheffe702 is right on the money if you need anyone’s help put @ symbol in front of the persons name @Anahera glad to have you welcome to are little slice of heaven

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Thanks for sharing that. Im currently half way through the grow bible and loving it! Scrolling through the forum really helps too. Im gonna make a yeast firmentation mixture to help with co2 u should really check out the auto seeds they sound so easy


Thanks Hogmaster! I wish i had of known that before posting questions as a topic LOL

As long as you’re circulating the air, fresh in, warm out, co2 supplementing is probably unnecessary for a grow that size. But, it does allow for more photosynthesis, to say it shortly. If you search, you can get all the specifics to this. It might allow you to put more of your light to good use.

I’ve heard the opposite about autos, that they’re more sensitive to things like transplant and training.

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Great post @elheffe702. Well thought out and well written.

@Anahera, is your 600 watt light metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS), 600 watt equivalent LED? This will affect how close the light can be to your plants and thus the height available. It will also affect how much heat you must deal with.
For that small space LED might be your best option but 600 watt equivalent may be marginal, difficult to say for certain. You will receive all of the help you need on this forum and in Robert’s guides. When you finish the Grow Bible, be sure to take a look at the other more specific guides.

ILGM Growing Guides

Good luck and have fun with your grow.:+1::cowboy_hat_face::man_scientist:

Welcome to the club. White Widow will grow to about 4’ ish in an indoor setting. They are best scrogged imo at about 24" from floor height of net. I didn’t see if your light was hps or led. Either will cover but a 600w led might not make the length of the room as well. This is 5’ x 6’ x 7’6" so you could nicely put 6 5-gal plants in a Scrog.

If you are using hps it’s gonna get hot in there. Even leds get hot. Ventilation and temp control is huge indoors. Humidity should be about 50% ish for veg and drier a little for flowering. Temps should be 75 to 85 f for veg and 65 to 75 f for flower.

I am getting about 60 days flowering time from when I switch over.


Welcome to the forum @Anahera!

Good questions that @elheffe702 asked. I’m guessing you can’t respond yet. No worries.

I actually think that autos are a little harder for beginners than feminized photo period plants. IMO you would be better off with them for your first grow.

A couple of things you absolutely need:

A good ph meter with standard reference solution and ph up and down.

Good soil. Don’t use anything that has fertilizer or says timed release. Fox Farms is a good choice.

Adequate lighting. If you are planning to use led’s: GO TO SCHOOL ON THEM BEFORE BUYING! The marketing is extremely misleading.

Ambient conditions need to be between 68° and 85° with an ambient humidity in veg around 70% all the way to late flower where 30% is not too low.

A grow journal with important dates and grow information recorded. Critical for future grows.

Fabric pots are popular for a reason.

There are a bunch of knowledgeable dedicated folks here who love to help. Just use the @ sign before their name.

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Well i just want to say welcome to the forum as you can see we have a great membership here that will help out any time it’s possible

welcome to the best of the best professinals on the planet,this is the best forum ever created and the people here have been frowing for decade’s,I’m doing all my growing of WW in a green house no pest or animal’s can get to them.What are you growing i’m thinking a positive India auto any way welcome there is a lot of information on this site and completely the best seed bank,I;m going through this season with this small green house and ordering a much larger,Amazon has about any thing you could ask for happy kola’s

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Thanks eyeryone for the warm welcome. What a great group of people, so helpful and friendly. Feeling a bit embarrassed about my topic post… i now know if i have a question @Anahera is the better way. Is there anyway i can change my username?? thanks

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Its a 600 watt HPS. Ive decided to get real serious and set aside a spare room measuring 3.6m by 4.7m to create a work space both inside and outside some type of designed enclosure, with room to move around my table measuring 1800m by 1050m. it sound big but will only be max 4 plants lol.
thanks Merlin44


The best piece of advice I ever read was this: don’t even soak a seed until you have EVERYTHING you need from start to finish. You don’t want to be out of or missing something at a critical moment. And I would always run a new grow setup empty for at least a few days, everything as it will be except the plants, to monitor temperatures and such.


Absolutely! the more I research and read through the forum post the more ideas i have. And yes having everything from start to finish is paramount. if the plants cycle takes between 8-9 weeks that’s exactly what i’m aiming for with absolutely everything i need on hand. I dont want to be 3, 4 or even 5 months and the cycles still going. Stuff that! lol


Welcome to the forum! We like pictures so don’t be shy posting any!

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Thanks @elheffe702 I now know to test my setup wasn’t sure was thinking the same newbie that I am

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