White widow autoflower harvest?

Hello all. Happy hallows eve. I have four wwa in their 5th week of flower. The plant in question started out very different. Leaves didnt grow out straight and it topped itself. Now the bud is not getting bigger and all the hairs are gone. The trichomes (which i wait till one or two are amber to begin using straight water from well for its last 7 to 10 days) seem all white while it looks like the buds are degrading. I grow in coco use fox farms half strength 1000w vipaspectra led pro 18/6 temp 70 to 72 hum 50 to 60. I almost lost em when igot a wise idea of using an ozone generator to mask smell. Well within an hour all the leaves curled up and i check on em frequently. So an hour of that damned thing hurt my girls. The leaves turned yellow almost like ph issue. That was my only major issue with this grow. The plants remained healthy allthough they look like hell. But gotta love the will to live weed has. Well 5 weeks into flower and last week i havent noticed a change in the one that topped itself. Its stem is getting purple and bud is purple. Three of my girls have purple buds (mabye stress dunno) the other girl has nice green buds. No biggy. Should i wait four more weeks? It looks like bud composition is deteriorating of the one in question. Trics are milky so i am thinking next week after my generic flush without ppm meter for ec. (Next grow i hope to have more technical tools) i am gonna give it two days of dark or at least 36hrs then hang n wait. Advice welcomed please n ty


My widows turn purple with cold nighttime temps but not that purple. Are you using purple lights?

Nope vipaspectra 1000w white leds. They in closet so i was thinking stress caused purple

The bud looks like its rotting allmost. However trics arent amber yet

One not purple lol

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The other two lights you see i got from wally world just to help keep temp above 70

Wow thats a pretty plant looks great. I will show u my ww auto fourth week of flower

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Looks great. However my question is the one purple one with no hairs acting like its ready but the trics arent amber yet. Is my bud composition deteriorating is my question. Plz n ty

It depends on what sort of high u are looking for if u want couch lock high let it have more amber if u want thc at its peak harvest when trichomes are cloudy .

Yes tyvm i am aware thats y i am waiting for amber but if bud is not getting bigger and looks like its degrading should i harvest before the buds get worse. New to autos so i am waiting for at least one amber. Just the one plant tho at 5 weeks of its approximately ten weeks of flower looks done but trics are the key in autos not hairs like photos. Prolly thinking too much idk. Ty

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After much much much research I found my issue. Being new to indoor growing and choosing coco coir for my substrate i neglected to buffer my coco. Doctor mj @ cocoforcanabis has a video on buffering coco for first time use. I didnt do that on my last two grows(i got lucky). Three out of four of my current grow were affected but one is nice n green. I am on a tight budget being on disability so I came to the battle with bare minimums. No ph or ec meter well the list is long. Anyhow the error was on me it was a calcium deficiency. I will from now on buffer my coco. Its always something. Every grow usually has unique and different challenges. Challenge accepted and humility recieved. I am the cause (as i thought lol) anyways anyone wanting to use coco even cheap coco like i use has to be buffered before use. Peace

Aha it looks like u have everything under control happy growing

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