White spots on leaves freaking out

Hi please help I dont know whats wrong woth my plant. These white spots appeared today. Indoor grow tent. Week two.

@Rosamond looks kind of like water spots. Any chance you sprayed them or splashed them? Do the spots wipe off?

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Is it kinda like powdery? If so, it’s possible it could be the onset of mildew. It’s hard to tell in the picture if it’s the leaf that’s white or if it’s something white on it.
I’ll tag some people that may be able to help.
@Covertgrower @dbrn32 @Hellraiser


Cant get them out :frowning:

Wpm isn’t usually splotchy like that in my experience. Just by looking, I would guess leaves were left wet under light too.

@Rosamond have you been spraying the plant with anything or potentially spilled nutrient solution on it? That is pretty typical cause for something like this.


How to fix it?

You’re not gonna fix those leaves. If what I suggested happened, don’t allow it to happen anymore and you’ll be fine.


So should I cut them off or leave them?

Leave them for now.

I. Saw some people clean the leaves with neem oil?

A neem oil treatment would not hurt and may help.

I hate Neem oil. I have a friend who is very sensitive to odor and this stuff never really goes away.

Those ‘spots’ are burned by ‘lensing’ of water droplets. They won’t recover, they won’t wipe off. Anything you do at this point is likely to make it worse. Leave them be and they’ll do fine. Like @dbrn32 said: don’t do it again and you’ll be fine.


This made me grunt – laugh – snort. I’ve done this to a few of my plants without knowing it. Don’t allow it to happen anymore – I’m gonna try.

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OMG – I totally freaked out before inspecting or thinking – just like an old, blonde lady, which I am. I got out the neem and sprayed. Dang dumb move. No signs of bugs. Doesn’t rub off. Burn through leaving a brown spot on back of leaf. Burn, burn, burn.

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Looks like paint to me but that’s impossible, right? How about your reflecting material from your grow room?