Is this white Powdery Mold/mildew?

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Hey guys, I have a friend who sent me these pics asking what it possibly could be, my first reaction was WPM but then looking closer it has a darker color. What do you guys think? Treatment options?


I can’t tell what that stuff on the leaves is but let your friend know that getting water on the leaves is not ideal.


Agree with merlin. Some of those spots could be from lensing. The others look like possible pests.

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Spider mites?


My first thought was mites too, but no little black spots running around When he checked.

Not WPM, may be pests, I’d spray with neem or spinosad (Capt Jacks Deadbug) just in case it is pests (with lights off til plants dry up) and those products will cause no harm if there are not any pests, I use them every 2 weeks as a pest preventtion program. Also verify they are not spraying anything on the plant with the lights on.


I think the others are correct. Wpm a damp finger or cloth will wipe off.

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I just recently had to treat for mite with jacks it works great gonna do another treatment Monday gotta keep up on them or they will get outta control :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you everyone!!!