Got a weird one

Not really concerned given the state of the whole plant. But what’s this about? Definitely no bugs on it looked already.

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Looks like something dripped on the leaves maybe?


I had considered that…but it would have to be something really thick. There’s no splash pattern to it. They are also pretty dang circular and in pairs of two…very weird white color too. I would rip it off but I’m interested. Only leaf like that on the plant too.

Also rubbing wet or dry has no effect.

Lol second edit: I have spilled my nutes on my plants before. Dries as a white chalk I can rub off.

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Simple water drops will do that


You think water droplets sat right here and here?

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I see 11 spots. Water can stand anywhere.

" something dripped on leaves " most likely nutrient water which will for sure make spots.

If it is a single leaf tear it off , no sense keeping a leaf that may or may not transfer bad stuff to others.