White mucus around germinating seed?

Hello! New grower here. I’ve had two seeds germinate beautifully, but the last seed I have in water has created a mucus-like sack around the seed. When I tried to move the seed with tweezers, it seems to be coming from the seed itself. Any suggestions? :pray:

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I’ve had some of this slime, and some continued germinating as normal, and some did not. I would recommend removing the seed and place in a moist paper towel, so it can get oxygen.


Put it in some moist soil where it belongs.


That’s a fungus trying to consume the seed. To save it, I’d give it a rinse in fresh water with some 3% hydrogen peroxide in it (like a cap full to 8 oz water) for like 30 minutes to kill the fungus and then plant it in your medium of choice.


I found this old post, and I have this going on right now on at least 2 of my seeds (both Gelatos). Wasnt sure what it was, so I tried to remove as much as I can with tweezers, and put them in soil this morning. I’m not going to try to dig them up and rinse them off. I’ll just see what happens. I used Poland Spring water for the soak. Next time I will add a few drops of peroxide in the water to minimize this risk. Maybe they were in the water for too long. 4 days with cool temps in the low-mid 60s.

Got a seedling mat yesterday to help the cause. Might be too late for these beans.
Will see if they sprout in the next couple days. If not, I’ll add peroxide to the water, glasses on the heat mat, and we will get there.

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Hey @Stickyicky407 ,
For this reason I only soak a seed for 24hrs. Then its straight into the grow medium.
Fungus/mold is everywhere and all you can hope to do is minimize it. A little peroxide in the soaking water knocks it down some. Avoid touching the seed and transferring anything to it. I think the sooner I quit moving and reorienting the seed the better it starts out. Keeps it from trying to grow a root downwards when “Down” keeps changing direction for it.
A 24 hour soak is enough to start the process of germinating. If you scarify the seeds a bit you can improve the ability of the water soaking through the shell. Take a 1/4 sheet of sandpaper and roll it into a tube about a dime diameter. Tape it or rubber band it to hold the tube shape. Drop a seed inside and hold your fingers over the ends and shake it back and forth for 30 seconds. Takes the husk edges off just a bit and helps it soak in the water. It wont look any different to an unaided eye.
Mold threatens us at the beginning and at the end. Hope this helps next time.

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