After germination seeds getting mildew in so

I soaked seeds in hydrogen peroxide and purified water for 24 hours in dark. Then peat pellets and out of six, four got moldy. I used a humidity dome and I got one where it’s green and growing one the shell is stuck on the growth. I did it the same way before and I have 6 healthy plants. Idk what I did wrong

A stuck shell is not uncommon - just be patient and see if it will fall off, if not, you can try to gently remove it with some tweezers. Don’t force it! You can rip one of it’s starter leaves that way and kill it by accident.

As for the mildew - it sounds like the peat pellets have remained too wet for too long. Let them dry out, the mildew should die off. Foliar spray your plants with just plain water (appropriately PH’d for your medium!) a couple times a day while they are young seedlings - they don’t need much, just a couple sprays to wet the leaves and maybe dampen the top of the peat.

Now… before you go taking my advice, realize I suck at getting plants through the seedling stage without issues. However - I’ve never killed one by accident. :smiley: I have killed one by not caring…


I have six that are past the seedling stage and look great except for one looks a little retarded. But they are healthy, I don’t like the peat, I’m going to use solo cups this time. Right from the get go…I have some fox farm, I’ll use that. Right now I soaked a couple lady night and put them in damp paper towel in the dark on cable box. They already have a cracked shell. So lets see what happens I want to put them outside. It’s humid and hot where I live. I’ll bring them in when its flowering time

@Bogleg I looked at it this morning it doesn’t look good. I have some new ones that popped last night, I put them in soil with nutes. Mixed some vermile with it

You can use a toothpick or something real fine like that and see if you can pry it off.

I tried and I don’t want to bother it…its not growing anyway . I don’t know where he got them