Which quantum boards

@dbrn32 hey should I order the 260 xl with v1 boards or v2. Going to buy it today!

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Why is this so hard! So I called HLG and they recommended 3 135 models versus the 260 or 320. Ugh. I need to just pic one.

@dbrn32 well i pulled the trigger and went with 2 qb 135 V2. Chose this for versatility in case i need to separate the plants or have two locations etc. Hope I made the right choice. I guess you can’t go wrong with good equipment.


Shouldn’t be any problem, just cost a couple extra bucks.

Sorry about the late reply too, had busy day at work.


Guess I pay for the versatility. It’s ok. I was told the V2 is more efficient and better. Can’t wait to get them and see the results.

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You were told correctly. If you were tight on budget version 1 is still a damn good light. I’m happy for you, please tag me when you get them!

My budget expanded when i sold my saltwater aquarium today. Had to reduce my number of hobbies so I could pay for a new one.

@dbrn32 says they will be delivered Monday! Can’t freaking wait. I’m already squirreling money away for a 3rd light. My plant bench in the Weed Dungeon is 2x8 so I think 3 will cover the area nicely. For now the 2 lights will be suffice. Thank god my miniatures hobby makes money for this venture. Gotta love nerds with no talent and lots of money.

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If you’re using the whole 8’ 4 boards in line would be ideal. But 3 should do pretty good.

My capital raising campaign was a success so now I can order another light! The first 2 will be here today. Can’t wait!

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Lights came today. Now I just have to Benadryl my kids to sleep so I can put them together in peace and quite lmao. Can’t wait to fire them up. I’m amazed at how small they are. I was expecting something larger. Story of my life lmao


New lights installed. Plant are 31 days old. Wow. What a difference. They perked up almost immediately.

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Also, the white spots are sulphur dust.

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Nice job, I was going to ask about the spots too.

I’ve been in an e-mail convo with them. Small closet, and asked about 2 or 3 135’s vs one 260. dude admitted that the individually hung 135’s would give you a lot more advantages when growing plants that are different strains or just different heights.

That’s what he told me too. I’ll have my 3rd light this weekend

Thanks for all your help. I’m very pleased so far. Build was super easy.

Waiting on a response about how many I could run off the same plug (and dimmer), and if they have a kit designed for ‘multiple-independent’ 135’s.

Then again, I’m in no hurry, my stuff’s growin’ and I am planning for a larger room later.

@Familyman those are still using hlg-120 drivers correct?

Meanwell suggests 5 per 120 volt circuit.

I liked the idea of being able to move them around if needed or if I do t grow as many plants I don’t have to waste energy.

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