When you get colas like mason jars

Howdy cowdys. When getting big fattys like 100 125 mm wide start to get mould. Rh 50-60 temp steady20c6 x6” fans in 8” tent. Flushing gunna pick Saturday find beginning of mould again. Should I up temp? More air? Less humidity? All the above?frustrating annoying and sad all at once hopefully I can learn a bit to stop this sh1t recurring next one. Cheers guys n gals.

Also got to bud wash. What best temperature to wash at. Thanks people.

I would cut the moldy stuff out now, drop rh, and try to increase airflow. Doing nothing is likely mold will spread.


I don’t really think there’s a temp perfect for your wash just fan dry them for 2 hours post dip to help prevent mold / or rot from setting in but if you can Temps between 65-80 is best for your dry room and here’s a bonus tip I just learned on the last day before you harvest set your dry room to exactly 63%rh and your buds will be pretty much perfect cure humidity assuming you didn’t harvest early( maintain that humidity for at least 2 hours to adjust the buds humidity)

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Cheers mate. Bad bits off rh set for 40(see how she goes) 2 more 8” passive air in. Thanks again. You are one of my many hero’s here.

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Thank you. Any tips good. Will do. Had two bits of Mold all on the biggest fattest fimmed heads not a huge loss as can spot this crap from a mile and catch it quick. Cut it out and spray with a peroxide mix. Seem to knock it on the head for a bit.