When to transplant to a larger pot?


I’m a new grower. when should I transfer these to larger pots?
and when I do, should I bury them closer to the leafs?




You probably have a week or so before they need a transplant.

I bury mine up to the first set of leaves when I transplant.

Your seedlings are leggy. They are asking for more light.



regarding light, besides windowsill light, this is what I have.

any thoughts on my setup? suggestions, etc. ?

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A windowsill and a small LED isn’t going to get it done. Cannabis needs a lot of light to be productive. Get yourself a proper cannabis light, preferably one that is built with Samsung LM301 series diodes. You are going to need 200 watts (or higher) of quality light for each cannabis plant to effectively flower it.

Do yourself a favor and bypass the Amazon burple lights.


Sound advice from @MidwestGuy

The man,

something like this?
im a newbie, so i appreciate your help

That light is built with Samsung LM2835 diodes, which is old technology. Look for a product built with Samsung LM301 diodes. The LM301 diodes are great, high-efficiency diodes that are awesome for growing cannabis. It’s the latest technology.

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Got ya,

so something like this

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The sprouted seeds were planted in these seed starter trays filled with coco. This is on day 13

The leaves have grown beyond the side of their cube so they can be transplanted
Yep - confirmation it is time to up-pot

They will be in these 1 gallon transplanters until they are ready to move up to their final 5 gallon pots.
Hard to beat this bad boy in a 2x4. You could spend less or you can spend more

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wow, cool. thanks

when you say coco, you mean store bought drinking coco?

Exactly. Just add water

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Welcome to the community!

Coco coir growing medium. Bunch of different brands at local gardening shops, on Amazon, etc.

I’m fairly new to growing, too. If you have a larger budget for lights, many folks on this forum like HLG lights. If you are on a budget, then something like you posted should be fine. Poke around, do a search on this forum for LED lights (there are many posts about lights), and feel free to ask more questions.



the other dude said drinking coco. not sure what’s up. lol

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LOL, don’t know, either. Well, coco coir is sold dry, so it needs water added to hydrate it before being used as a medium.

Not Swiss Miss cocoa. Coco is shredded coconut husk and used in place of potting soil.

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I normally transplant when the leaves are about two inches over the side of the cup

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how about this MidwsrGuy

Amazon.com: MIXJOY LED Grow Lights GL-4000d/450W Full Spectrum with Samsung LM301 LED Diodes&MeanWell Driver Daisy-Chain Dimmable Function for Indoor Hydroponic Plants (5x5ft Bloom &1212pcs LEDs) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Yes, I mixed that with vermiculite soil and seems to be working well.