WHEN to switch to flowering

I have 2 strains going right now, started, lit and fertilized in the exact same soil.Both started on the same day. I FIMed both twice @ 3 weeks and @5 weeks. The Silver Haze is 24" and the Widow is SUPER BUSHY @ 12". I have read that commercial growers bud their plants @ 3 weeks. Is it time to switch My lights to 12/12 @ 7 weeks, no mater how tall?

Also, should I go 100% HPS sodium or 50/50 with cool white CFL’s. I have 4 square feet and wanted 3500 lumens each.


Commercial growers do not flower their plants from seed at 3 weeks. More like 6-8- weeks.

If from clone. 3 weeks is about the norm.

The laonger you wait to flower; The more yiled you will have.

The most important issue to consider here, is how much height you have in your growspace.

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