How are they doing

SSH flower week 5. Just looking for insight from the more experienced. Not for sure where to look for trichomes?



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Nice looking plants…

They look nice great job, trichomes will appear on the flowers leaves and pistils (white hairs). You will want to watch for the trichomes on the flowers themselves, you will need a 40x100 magnification jewelers loupe.

Being that she is 5 weeks you have atleast another 6-8 weeks. Haze strains are usually 90% of the time sativa or sativa dominant, and usually can take any where from 10-12 weeks. If the strain is pure sativa it is possible for it to take any where from 12-24 weeks to fully finish.

I hope this information helps. Super silver haze (ssh) will take 10-12 weeks to fully mature


Ok. I’ll find one of those. Thanks

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You can find one on eBay or Amazon you can find them for 5-$8

Lol you can’t miss them once you get a jeweler a loupe or microscope, they’re every where in your buds!
It’s so cool to see, you’ll love it!


Very nice grow

When the sugar leaves start looking frosty you will be able to see the trichomes.

I use a digital scope I got for $35.


Ahhhh thanks

makes u wanna just try licking them off and see if u get high


Awesome…gota go gota go gota go get me


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Haha! Coming from a noob with only a clone flowering so far, I’m Jealous! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dang Stomper! That’s right Oretty! Mind my asking what strain that is?

This is from some bag seed they should be Bubbelicious. I bought an ounce at a retail shop in Denver and it dropped about 20 seeds out of it.

I am tracking the grow under Budding with LEDs.

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