Questions about Super Silver Haze

Are you guys sure the flowering time is 80 days? These buds are growing really fast. They’re also bigger than the White Widow I started at the same time.

Sativa dominant strains often take a long time to finish as determined by the trichome milkiness. keep an eye on the trichomes and you won’t go wrong. But in general sativa dominant phenos just seem to take a lot longer with the ripening, more so than the bud size growth. And this might be what you are seeing.

Reminds me of when I was a kid waiting for the blueberries to get ripe so I could get mine before the bears ate them all.

I agree. Sativa can take months to finish. Haze “roots” originate in equatorial regions, when there is perpetual 12/12 give or take. If you wan to finish Haze “sativa” faster. Go to 10/14 photo period.

As a comercial vegetable producer; I equate Sativa, to, In-determinate tomatoes. Both will grow as long and as big as you let them. Peace :slight_smile:

I just might try the 10/14 after the Widow gets hung.