When to start LST? And advice 18 days in

Hi there, still very much a newbie grower. When do I start LST?

All three ladies are autos - NTH, BBY, ANH

Also any call outs from photos of current grow? I feel this is the first time I am controlling the climate to solid average cycles. :crossed_fingers:

First pick to second pick is 18 days.


Give a little more info
What you growing? Auto or photo?
Tent size - footprint & height
Pruning and training is directly related to the amount of space available.

The plants look great. You do want to get the bags off the ground otherwise roots will start growing out the bottom. Put them onto something so you can water & feed to runoff (unless using a type of soil that does not recommend this practice).


Thanks for reply.

All 3 are autos
Blueberry, Northen Lights, amnesia haze.
Trent - 120 x 120 x 200cm

Have not done LST before. Purchased these red elbow bend clips…:grimacing:


Space should not be a problem.
I have grown blueberry and amnesia haze autos. NL as a photo.
Blueberry is normally a smaller more compact plant. It should not need the supercropping clips. Amnesia haze can grow taller and will have to see how it grows. Same with NL. Have to see it is a smaller or tall pheno.
I would leave the blueberry alone for now. Let it grow in its natural form. If the main stem really takes off you can bend it early when it stretches during the first part of flowering.
This is 2 of the 3 BBA I grew when I first started growing

This is the third. Its main grew proportionally more but not so much to have to address

As for the NL & AH - do you want to top or LST only?


If I got half those results I will be stoked!!! Nice work.

Was thinking LST, no crop. I will leave all three for now and just monitor.

I gave each branch a little push down by hand….


I’m a newbie grower. I’m on day 19 in my purple kush auto I’m wondering when do I start LST training

The amnesia haze I’d let grow to 6 or seven nodes then bend the main stem at the 5th node. This may sound strange but I would remove the growth tips from the first node. These usually don’t amount to much so I find it better for the resources they would consume to be redirected to the rest of the plant.
A caution with amnesia haze. I found that it is very pH sensitive. Other growers I have chatted with here have had the same issue. With this in mind monitor the pH of its runoff.
You are growing in soil?
What nutrients are you using?


Soli - canna terra
Nutes - Nutrifield (Australian brand) grow a and b, veg ignitor, Phi

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Greetings Mike.
I grew the photo version of purple kush. It was true to its Indica heritage and a rather compact and bushy plant. I would tend to let it grow and just bend the main stem when it is tall enough. Around 5 - 7 nodes.
Because it is bushy I would also remove the very bottom growth tip.
I suggest starting your own thread to carry on with your grow and any more questions or help you request. Glad to help if I can - tag me if you want

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I would wait until the fifth node and then start training

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Ok cool, thanks for reply

No worries

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What part of au?


You are still a 1 to 2 weeks from when I do my first LST or supercrop.

Be sure and tie off the base stalk before gently pulling the upper portion over a little and tying down the branches.

And less is more at first. I’ve gotten too agressive before and snapped the poor sucker off.

Now I supercrop which seems more severe but is actually easier… but you’ve gotta pinch, squeeze, twist and break the fiber down on the stem so you can lay the whole thing over like this.

I didn’t supercrop like this until my 3rd grow. Here are two examples.

In either case, LST or supercrop, this picture shows how many nodes I wait before performing it.

Good luck!!


Nice work. I think I want to add into LST while still improving my grow. This is my third grow now. First two were very average, but enough to get me bent :melting_face:


Also how come breaking the fibre in the stem does not hurt it?

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I’ve gotten more agressive over time just because I was convinced I’d killed it, but it lived and actually flourished!

Spread them out flat gently and gradually and they will do very well.

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Imagine rolling and squeezing for about 20 seconds until it flops down by itself.

Even if the stem splits a little, it heals itself.

All those fibers bind back together.

I was not comfortable doing this until I had plenty of weed in the cupboard and thought what the hell, give it a try. Nothing yo lose.

I’ll find a photo of the stem that separated or split. Scary but turned out great… let me look. Here you go. That’s a split on the left side. Healed fine and became the last photo.


Using staples sure makes it a lot easier.

It looks great, very nice example. This is just me. I would remove the first node growth - circled

Then bring back the other growth tips to replace them and to spread them out



You are probably right. My training is evolving so I’ll probably draw that conclusion at the time of harvest if those are small.

I cut up old wire coat hangers as my staples… until I run out of them

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