When to move onto the curing cycle?

My plants have been hanging to dry for 8 days then I put them in a storage container for 2 days. The temp stays at 60 and the humidity inside the drying room is around 60%. Inside the storage container the humidity is around 55%. Should I wait until the humidity inside the storage container stays around 62-65% before trimming / put them in mason jars?


Amateur that I am, I terminated my fall grow to learn curing methods. New to cure, not dry and smoke.
Forum poster mention moisture content sampling of twigs with probe meter (not in my inventory).
Others utilize the pull and snap or crack and peel. I can’t feel a filet and tell you if it is rare or medium-rare, but I can feel a bud and decide 70% and now i need trim smaller, off stems (to bud size, not branch) and I jar with burping, daily. Jar contents surviving regular raiding and taste testing, but doing better weekly, IMO. Good curing to you. IMO, the grow is important, but the cure could be the bomb.


Appreciate your feedback! I have a wood moisture tester. I’ll have to jab a few stems tomorrow to see how much moisture is in them.


Do I understand curing correctly? Is curing just slowly drying the weed? Start with a faster preliminary dry by hanging. Then slow down the drying process by placing it in a container which slows down the drying process by keeping the humidity higher?

I think it’s probably time for you to do alittle bucking.
Once the product has hung and is snapping off the stalk by hand, or very close, it’s time to cure. You definitely don’t want to over dry the goods.

Your next step is to buck. Bucking is removing the product from the stalk and removing any unwanted large sugar leafs. Basically nothing wi th a smokeable value. Removing the stalks will help with the overall cure down the road if you don’t have time to trim everything. Once you place the product into a vessel (bag, jar, tote) that is when the curing starts.

I seem to trim about 4lbs after harvest completely. I leave the rest bucked in double turkey bags. When I run out of trimmed smoke I hit up a bucked bag and trim it down.

During the cure any moisture that was trapped inside the bud/stem will slowly make its was through the flower and to the exterior. Causing a nice even consistency. This is also the time you will realize the smell intensifying.
Hope this helped alittle.

Happy farming…

Here is some hanging product. We like to shoot for 7/10 days dry time.

Here we have some bucked Mandarin Cookies. I will keep it in this in-trimmed form tell the crew has time to trim it. Storing it bucked like this is was better then storing it on the stalk.

After bucked we like to store the product in Grove bags or turkey bags in totes. Both of these methods will pump out a solid cure if your temps and RH is correct.


A few zips there… :joy:


Like pillows! Big smokable pillows :face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears::face_holding_back_tears:

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Started trimming today. Not the best at it, but here’s a picture


Looks like a good trim to me.

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For me I only grow six plants and the wedryer XL is what I used to dry my stuff and it came out pretty awesome. I left my stuff upside down for 36 to 48 hours then trimmed a bit and off to the wedryer for a few days. Is it the best way I’m too new to say it’s the best way. I know it was the best way for me it was awesome. The only downside you only have so much room inside the wedryer. But for me I was only pulling two plants every 5 days so it all came out perfect timing. On the picture above I don’t even imagine how to dry something in a production like that. For six plants I say the wedryer XL pays for itself in time wise.