When to harvest AC/DC outdoors

I have a question about a strain I am new to growing. We have two AC/DC plants that are blooming quite vigorously. The buds are covered in trichomes that are milky colored now and just beginning to have a few amber trichomes. I normally harvest my other plants at about 50% Amber trichomes. Is this the same for the High CBD AC/DC strain?


@kolive I should still harvest when tricombes are amber I personally start watching the tricombes when I have about 60-70% red or brown pistols and then harvest when tricombes are at my personal preference
Happy harvesting brother they girls look ok great
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Country nailed it. Trichomes are always a good sign of when to and wen not to harvest. Typically depends on what kind of meds you want. Heady, energetic, couch lock or maybe a mix of both.

Looking good tho!!! Let us know the yield on that bad girl. :nerd_face:

Thanks Snowman. I use trichomes color for my regular strains and shoot for 50% amber. But these AC/DC plants are not thc but CBD plants and did not know if it might be different for them. I will Post yields from the two plants after harvest and trimming are done.

I have no idea, never grown a cbd strain before.

Hey @peachfuzz you ever grow acdc? I gave my two cents maybe you can give the extra 98 cents :money_mouth_face:

I would harvest them just like you normally do with your other plants… :wink:

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Thanks peachfuzz

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That meme about “harvest at 20% amber for head high and 80% for couch lock” is because the CBD is coming in as time goes on. I would wait for a lot of amber if I wanted lots of CBD.

Another trick would be to do low temperature extraction (like with alcohol) to make oil that is eaten. The THC-A is never converted to THC but the CBD is all there. THC-A has no effect on humans, so you don’t get high. (Unless you smoke, vape, or bake with it, of course.)

1Bigfella, my understanding of this strain, ac/dc is it is 22:1 CBD to THC so I am not sure if the THC levels are an issue with this strain at all. I am growing it for its CBD levels for medical consumption and not the THC. Even so I am wanting a mature harvest at optimum peak, hence my question. Obviously I am not an expert and could be missing a lot! Just trying to get my best product. Thanks for replying.

Wow, I looked it up in the seedfinder database. That’s one unique strain you’ve got there. Nevermind what I said about amber trichomes. I have no idea of how this strain will perform or what the trichome color means. There may not be anyone who knows the answer. You could try an experiment and harvest different colas at different trichome colors from the same plant and then get them tested, so you would know for future crops. If you do, post the results for future medical growers.


Online databases say lots of stuff about flowering period and outside completion dates, but by them my Northern Lights is several weeks overdue and my Cotton Candy won’t be ready for two more weeks. It had so much amber I harvested it a couple of days ago.

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I really appreciate everyone’s feedback on this strain. Here is the best info I have found so far. This is from the 420magazine.com site.

This is a clip from a Post by jefe noche

What I look for in tricomes is all milky with about 5% amber. Yes to stopping nutes. Flush flush flush for flavor. Be slow on the cure. If going for flavor it only gets better. I am in Sonoma County. Not to far! I have a pic or two up in the medicinal gallery here. Take a look.

So it sounds like mine are almost there. None of the photos I could find showed amber trichomes. I am checking twice daily for trichomes color. The buds are pretty large and beautiful right now.