When do I declare my seeds dead?

My White Widow seeds have been in jiffy 7’ peat pots for over a week now and there’s no sign of life. Surprisingly, the pots are still pretty saturated from the initial soaking to reconstitute them and I am wondering if these seeds are duds or if there’s something else that may have gone awry… It’s my first attempt and I hate to give up on them if there’s still hope, but I also would like to get things started so as to be that much closer to a first harvest!

Any thoughts from the experts?

It is real easy to drown your seeds in jiffy peat plugs. Almost always a seed dies instead of germinating, not so much because it didn’t get enough water, but because it didn’t get enough oxygen. This is why people germinate in the moist paper towel, having lots of air space to help oxygen dissolve into the water in the moist paper towel. Temps around 75*F will make sure the seeds are warm enough for germination without being too warm they’d be cooked or too warm the water won’t hold very much oxygen. In a well aerated growing medium and good environment of beneficial microbes, germination can be done very successfully at much higher temps.

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Thanks for such a quick reply.

I was afraid they might have drowned with the peat pots holding that much water for so long, but at least now I feel better about cutting my losses so I can try again without second guessing myself.

Good to you’re here to help when I need it!

Just curious; Did you follow the directions on the Jiffy pellets? I have always had success when I measured the exact amount of fluid, and followed directions.

I only ask for future re: Peace lw

I wasn’t ignoring you, I was watching my next batch sprout and begin to grow, and didn’t think oh check back for further replies. to answer your question – Of course I didn’t follow any instructions… I simply soaked them in water for too long and hoped for the best – lesson learned.

For the record, I started my next seeds in soil, and so far 2 out of 3 are coming along nicely.One of them seems to be languishing, but if she doesn’t come around in a few days maybe I’ll ask for help in a new thread.

Thanks again for your help!

I ordered 3 super skunk germinated them the same way I did with the W.W that I have ordered in the past and nothing. 2 I started in the cup with water once they sank j put them in the paper towel. 1 seed I put directly in soil and haven’t seen nothing. Idk if it had to do with the seeds being so small it was smaller than a bag seed seed.

I tell ya, I as a beginner grow, mostly, I bout four months ago really accidently worked at killing seven ww seeds, I mean, first I didn’t put enough work on one seed that didn’t put out a tap root after 24 hours and peat pellet planted it, never worked, and I suspect I could have paper toweled it to view a tap root, not just crossing my fingers for seven days. Later I drowned three seeds after sprouting in water 24hrs, in peat pellets, and three more I put cold fan air cooling them off till dead.

36 years ago I was good at paper toweling seeds set next to a tv in foil(which is why I could check them two days or more later and find success), I had almost forgot that use of foil was a great way to keep them moist, and I was a kid back then, so I did two super skunk female seeds(ILGM bought of course) this week successfully immersed in water for 24 hours not seeing a root yet, half of that time with a acquarium bubbler oxygenating the water to be “safe”, so I then moistened a paper towel, not soaking wet, just moist, then took a piece of foil with the middle puckered up like a pup tent to provide an air space, and put the seeds in paper towel inside the foil, but I went further in a zip lock bag, and under a t5 lamp that was keeping everything 75 degrees. I checks 18 hours later, and wow, the two tap roots were burst out very very long, almost too long, was like a quarter inch long,planted them two seed lengths near the surface, where previous I obviously went too deep on unsuccessful starts.

I probably went overboard, maybe, next time I think I will use the bubbler in water the full 24 hours, to be safer. I wanted to paper towel them, cause I too waited about a week after planting some seeds months ago only to figure out I had killed some seeds that hadn’t grown hardly a tap root at all.