What's your favorite?

I’m currently growing an unknown strain bag seed. Good smoke. I also have 3 Sour Diesel seedlings started. Has anyone tried SD and what’s your opinion on it? I absolutely do not want to be a couch potato all day. What’s a good indica for bed and sativa for day. Down the road I’d like to try different ones.

Sour D is good one. She needs moderate grow skills. I get her always monster.
Good sativa : Durban poison, always good, need moderate+ grow skills.
Gold Leaf is always good. Hybrid. Beginner friendly. Every time she had monster buds.
Super Lemon Haze have a good all day long buzz. Again moderate skills needed to grow.
Indicas… Dunno. Don’t grown over 70/30 Indicas. I just get them longer in flower and then I get my bedtime meds :sleeping:

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Sativas! For the win… but I like growing them all!


Sour Diesel is one of my favorite day smokes, sativa dominant, can smoke it all day and not get tired.


I’m very excited about growing it. :grin:

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Indica for bed would be either Strawberry Banana or Grape Ape. We have an incredibly high tolerance due to the ungodly amount of cannabis we consume…is there ever too much? But these two are great for bedtime.

Daytime use would be Lamb’s Breath sativa. I can use this and go knock out a 10 mile training run with no issues. And it has never made me feel anxious. It was supposed to be a Bob Marley favorite.