Help with strain use! Also new to forum, not new to smoking lol

Well hello, my name is Frank. I’ve been looking for a good forum for a long time now I found you all through a friend. I hope this is a great place to talk and learn. Again nice to meet you all! And I thank you all in advance before I even post this. Question 4 you guys is right now, I only have Indica dominant strains for the moment, the strains I have to choose from are: Blueberry, & Granddaddy Purple… My dispensary is out of sativa or “daytime strains”… every website that I have visited has a different Sativa & Indica ratios. For both strains. I’m just trying to figure out the lesser of two evils that won’t put me to sleep throughout the day… I can probably get a different strain tomorrow but as of today I don’t want to walk around like a zombie lol. Just to give you all a little further background of me; I have INSANE insomnia…I was born with it :worried:, I’m 33 years old, from NY, I have depression,
anxiety disorder, panic attacks… Weed has been a godsend!!! Picking it back up after almost 15 years was the best thing I ever did. But right now my dispensary is out of as I said daytime strains, anybody help me out and tell me which is the lesser of the 2 indica evils lol jk I LOVE indica!!! But I do like my sativas during the daytime! Ultimately my question is I
have blueberry, & Granddaddy Purple… Due to the unreliable websites giving me different ratios of sativa Indica can someone tell me which one is actually higher and sativa and gives me less of a chance of falling asleep during the day thank you very much!!!

-Frank Sixer


Hey frank
Welcome to the community
I found that it really depends on how late they were harvested
I grew blueberry first grow and found it to be quite good for day time use for pain relief
However when growing your own you are more in control of your medication preferences
If I were in your position I would try to find the blueberry in a lower thc percentage that may help with being more functional during the day
Alot of dispensary bud is all thc and nothing else
Cannabis is so much more than just thc
If you can order some seeds and grow your own
We are all here to help you on this journey
I found that dispensary’s cut corners and are always getting busted for using pesticides and bad handling practices
I feel much better in growing my own and hope you will consider it too

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@Growit thank you so much for your fast reply and thank you for your welcome to the community! I’ve thought about growing myself, but my cousin is a pharmacist, and has his own grow Farm in the Bronx here in New York. So the weed that I’m getting his quality from family and there are no cutting Corners . It’s as if I am growing it myself, I can even ask him to grow any strain I want at anytime I want … As far as growing I’m good there thank you so much for your input! I appreciate it so much!:grinning::grinning::+1::+1: But based on what you said I’m going to try the blueberry in a low-dose just to keep me chilled out, I just want to get stoned without getting tired lol… I will be able to get more strains tomorrow. It’s just today I have to put up with it sadly, I’m not exactly close to where he is, so I only have a small window of time to go there in the morning and now it’s already the afternoon so I have to wait till tomorrow… I also forgot to mention in my first post that I have a chronic neurological disease in my leg called complex regional pain disorder and it’s lifelong and there is no cure. I probably should have mentioned that when I was listing my symptoms LOLOL!! But thank you again, if anybody else has an opinion as to what I should choose whether it be granddaddy purple or blueberry, as I said in my first post the websites have been checking the indica and sativa ratios are always different, But based on what @Growit said I’m going to try the blueberry… Nobody else has another opinion and a reason why please post before I smoke too much haha! Thank you again, everybody

-Frank Sixer

And if anybody has Xbox Live and wants to hang out and smoke, play a game smoke some weed whatever you want!! (I hate smoking alone)I don’t know if it’s PM’s on this forum I’m sure there is… But if not say something here and we’ll work something out! Cheers everybody!!!