Good strain for Energy?

hey i am looking to order some seeds for my next grow and was wondering if anyone knows a good strain for a daytime smoke? something the gets you high and going rather then high then hungry then sleepy…lol i was looking at blue dream, girl scout cookies, amnesia haze… any suggestions?

@pbs86, blue dream is a great daytime and evenin smoke. Jack flash, may be hard to find was another awesome daytime strain. White rhino is a good sleepin smoke, and purple trainwreck. Just some of my top favorites.

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Getting ready to try green crack on my next grow heard great things about it

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@Oldstoner, I’ll be watchin that grow, I’ve looked at it, but haven’t tried it yet.

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Just got this grow going into flowering and screwed my order from ilgm last time ( I did not them ) so my green crack seeds took like 6 weeks to get here because of me being stoned when I ordered them . I didn’t want to run out before next harvest so I started a couple of strains I have been wanting to try . Im in my mid fifties and back when I smoked regularly it was just buds . We didn’t have all the exotic choices around now so I have no idea what I will like best . I guess I will have to just try as many as possible different strains to find out . Good luck on your grow . Keep it green side up

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@Oldstoner my man, yes try as many as possible. I’ve tried up to 20 or so and each one has its similarities, but they are all so incredibly different, the colors, smells, textures, how the smoke effects the body and the mind differently. It’s amazing, how far cannabis has came in the last 10 to 15 years at all the strains and the technology to be able to better grow and harvest, it’s crazy to step back an looks where we basically came from, to where we are now, incredible.

Keep you head low and smoke rollin


tangie,durban poison,purple train wreck,hawian dutch,willie nelson, plenty of good sativas out there @pbs86

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which ones from ilgm do you recommend. i was looking at durban poison but they only sell it in regular seeds not fem or auto

@pbs86, I’ve only ordered once and I’m working on my Sour Diesel(fem) now. I love blue dream, anything that has that purple taste if that makes sense. I love that taste you get from Blue dream.

Also what kind of effect are you looking for?


Are you ready

Candyland uplifting and stimulating effects, making it a perfect strain for social gatherings or creative pastimes

something more in the sativa family like a Green Crack, Durbin Poison, etc. can be used throughout the day.
Smooth taste, no harshness. Solid, full body effects without a huge sedative effect. Wipes away pain and stress in minutes.”
“One of the best. This unique beautiful flower, provides a full body and mind relaxing feeling immediately. No jitters, but at it’s peak non stop laughing can kick in if triggered. So be careful, especially if you are out to eat.”

and try one of these

White Rhino

Tahoe Ozg Kush

da Purps

Incredible Hulk


I can’t tell you where to get them ok


@garrigan62, white rhino is amazing and very sedative.

Well after smoking all that up lifting smoke he may need to relax…lol


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Yeah true, and he’ll get hungry and pass out lmao

yea! after gettin’ all hopped up on sativas all day…you got to have a landing strip somewhere!! @garrigan62 @pbs86 @Hawkeye_diesel lol

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Lmao exactly @BIGE
I’m blowin on some purple trainwreck as we speak haha

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that sounds great! man i’ll be glad when i can run down the road and get some quality buds!! we voted to legalize MMJ but have not got the system set up yet. even then i plan on using as a crutch,i will grow my own as long as i possibly can…
i’m jelly,just cured leaf undergrowth for another month anyways.

What state, I’ve found legislation on a MMJ law/bill for oklahoma, but it’s not supposed to be brought up until 2018.

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@Hawkeye_diesel AR

@BIGE, now that’s what I’m talking about. I’m only about an hour from the ark boarder haha

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