Whats going on whis this

This is a from a orange sherbert about 6 weeks in flower
Ph to 5.8
An sensi bloom for coco at about 800ppm
Flower power
Temp 70 day low 60s at night
315w cmh and leds

Not sure on what the fan only look rusty any suggestions?

Are you using cal mag?

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@Breezy yes, just started this past wk…prior to that was added dolomite lime top dressing…

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I’m not an experienced grower but I am trying to learn as much as possible. I’ve had one successful harvest so far and when my lady looked like your picture it was because I needed cal mag. I would definitely take my advice with a grain of salt and wait for some experience. If you just started adding cal mag last week what were they receiving before? I would think you solved the issue by adding it last week. Maybe give it a week and see if it stops spreading?

edit i’m stoned.
I now see the dolomite lime.

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I add calmag to the mix once every week just a cap full into 5 gallons

per the back of the container on the jug i have i am adding 7ml to a gallon of distilled water. you might be a little low. (not sure how big of a cap you are using :wink: