What will my yield be

A question from a fellow grower:

I am a novice marijuana grower and really want to make it big. I’m willing to make a large scale investment of time and money, but I need a realistic yield number for my estimates. If I grow 9 female blackberry marijuana plants with two 1200 watt HID lights, and I use your advanced nutrient system. The plants are in a room 10ft/15ft we’re monitoring humidity and ph. We want to grow for longer than three months and increase the vegetation stage to increase the plant size before it flowers. What do you think our yield will look like? Thanks!

It is really hard to say. Your yield depends on so many factors. Personally, I do not attempt to guess how much someone can grow, but, I can say; You have enough room to make a successful grow area. Figure on a plant every 2=3 feet. You need air circulation.

Should be killer ! figure 2.5 feet (LST method) for proper plant spacing, but plant spacing depends on growing method if doing a Sea of Green could double your # of plants