I would like to get more yeild

Hello everyone hope everyone’s fine I’ve got a couple grows onto my belt now I’m used to my new equipment seems like I’m pretty much in good rhythm as far as coming from edge to flower with a rhythm going two different rooms the whole ten I just don’t understand why my yields are low or I believe they’re low could be the type of marijuana I’m going good just be me being impatient and thinking it was done when it still had more time to go and flowering part I just wanted to know what most people get I have a 5x6 grow room today sidekick 4,000 LED ventilation system CO2 generator and keep the conditions the way the plant would love it anyway what do most people pull off for a plant was there some kind of recipe or math equation that I can figure on space light room all that


I’m a beginner and I attended a growing class for cannabis before I started to grow my own for over a year now.

To my understanding and experience I find if you take a plant that’s been growing indoor and put it outside on a beutiful day and leave it. It will show signs it’s having a hard time. Why, because it’s not used to it. Once the environment changes, everything else needs to change in the soil and in the plant itself.

After all that I have tried. everything come down to the way the plant genetics wants to grow. you just need to find her sweat spot.

I am currently growing 11 different strains and I’m still learning But don’t take my word for it.

Easiest way to get more yield is to plant in a big pot, lots of light and good genetics. You can even put lights under your plant, don’t worry your plants know witch way to grow and don’t try it at home.

Here is a ppm chart I follow and flush every other watering. I use flawless finish in my flushes and not only at the end of flower.

Here is a picture of my very first harvest of 1lb dry on my own.

WARNING I’m still new at growing and I’m still improving to maximize my grow. I’m just sharing my experience. Happy growing


I forgot to mention. I don’t use c02 anymore because of cost and I just circulate the air from my flowering tents to veg tents. Read up on c02 lights off

I googled sidekick 4000 led. Didn’t find anything. If you’re growing in a 5x6 room and filling said room that puts your grow area at 30 sq. ft. When using modern quality leds I’ve seen the number 35 watts per sq ft thrown around as a number to achieve. Some say slightly less is fine with great lights some might advocate for more but I think 35 watts per sq. Ft is a pretty good number. I’m 60 watts short of that number in my 4x4 at 500 instead of 560 and I like my coverage. So you will want something like 1050 watts from the wall for LEDs in your space. Keep in mind this is not a good way to measure light but if you go with a quality manufacturer in that wattage range with proper coverage you will get enough light.

Other than that your yield will come down to genetics, veg time, training. Environment/nutrition of course but your saying you have that dialed in. So focus veg time, training, and work with good genetics.


I tried looking it up too. I did find the Suzuki Sidekick we bought our daughter when she turned 16 twenty years ago.


Lol that’s what I found too. Figure he means spider farmer 4000


I like the ppm chart. Pretty close to what I follow. A lot of charts have many poorly defined growth phases that make it difficult to apply

I can not say I have heard of this practice. You do this regardless of what your runoff numbers are? I will run extra ph water through after a feed if my numbers are out of range but not as a general practice. Care to share your reasoning? Also, what size tent is pictured.

I don’t flush every other watering but i do give plain water every other watering. I guess it could be considered a mini flush

@Ironman26 sounds to me like you are just waisting your nutrients if you are flushing every other time, I don’t always water with nutrients, but I normally only use water at the start when switching to bud, and at the end when flushing.

First: how about more information on you actual setup.

What is the specs on your lights? What do they draw from the wall if nothing else?

What are you growing in?

CO2? Are you in a closed system? What partial pressure are you running? If exhale bags you are wasting your time.

What genetics? What are you growing?

What nutrient line? If any?

All of these play into yield. The most important variable is light. If you have inadequate lighting the flower will be loose and airy. There are so many LED’s on the market it’s impossible to rate them all so really need more data. You could have gucci lights or you could have junk.

As a for instance I yield somewhere around 1.25 grams per watt of lights. Usually around 12 to 14 oz per plant. I can normally do 2 lbs with 3 plants in a 4 X 6 space. My results are by no means exceptional.

I’m actually running closer to 25 watts/square foot. I will qualify this by saying wattage numbers are a poor metric and crappy LED’s are not anywhere near the same category. If using late generation top-bin diodes in correct spectrum you can see both improved yields and lower electrical costs.


@Coen3440 i don’t actually flush them. By giving plain water only it prevents a salt buildup without needing to put 5 gallons of water through a pot. I rarely give more than a half gallon at a time whether it’s plain water or if I’m feeding My plants are doing just fine. Day 3 of 12/12.


I’m running an HLG 350R at 32 inches from canopy at 50% of full power. Growing in happy frog soil with nothing added. I use the Fox farm trio at no more than 1/4 recommend dose so far, for nutes, and epsom salt for magnesium. I’ve been giving xtreme gardening calcarb for my calcium. I also used mykos and azos both times I transplanted when they were small. To improve my yield I’ve utilized all varieties of training methods from lst to super cropping, topping I even successfully FIMMED one of them! About a week ago i put in the scrog net just before flipping to 12/12 on the 2nd. Running no carbon filter but still running tent in negative pressure condition with passive intake. @Coen3440 @JeffsCookies oh yeah. In a 3x3 tent


Feed-water-feed is pretty a common cycle, That is how I fed when using fox farm. Now, since I switched to advanced nutrients, I feed every time. And like I said, if my runoff numbers get off track, I run an additional one or two liters of ph water through.
This is a jack herer auto I am harvesting today and fed as described.

One of the branches as cut off the main stem.


The last few waterings I’ve actually been feeding just at a much much lower PPM than fox farm recommends. They say i should be at 8 or 900ppm with just the trio since I don’t use all the other crap. I actually feed at about 450-600 ppm heck i don’t even check my ppms lol. I just go by how my plants look. They looked hungry today so i gave 2ml each of grow big and tiger bloom. I’m going into the stretch now and they are really taking off.

@beardless looking good,how many weeks from seed, or from seedling are those?

My plants are 8 weeks as of today. Broke ground on oct 5 and 6

Oh sorry I should have said a mini flush 2L water with flawless finish ph water. instead of flushing every weekend regardless. I found it’s saves on nutrients if I do mini flush as I go. If I don’t do my mini flushes see picture. Picture is showing 3hour of recovery from doing a mini flush. It looked much worse 3 hours ago before mini flush. It look like the plant was out of water or someone sprayed weed killer. Look at the bottom leaves the hole plant look like that 3 hours ago. This wasn’t my best seed but I was very impressed on her recovery.

I’m just sharing my practice and I’m open to improvement and suggestions.

All my tents are 4x4 and all plants are all in 2gal pots from seed to bud. From seed I start with 3 inches of soil and I keep adding soil as it stretches. I try to keep my plant as short as possible recently. I stop making them tall plants because of handling.

Here is the plant the next afternoon

She took forever. 136 days from breaking soil. 83 days from first sign of flower. I could have let her go another week. Trichomes clear and cloudy with amber on the sugar leaves only, But, I have a tray of 15 clones have have to move along.

My lights, I have 1 in veg tents and 3 in flower tent

My ventilation fan, I use 1 to blow outside 2 to recirculate carbon filter air from tent to tent.

Temp and humidity control

I recycle my soil and recharge with this stuff. I also add compost and worm castings

I use this for seedlings or in the summer I find Costco has good soil for your buck.

AND finally my advanced nutrients.

I know It seems a little overkill with the amendments and nutrients. But then again Im still learning.

Happy growing!