What type of grow light is needed for indoor auto white widow

Hello everyone need help looking for what type of grow light that I need I have one plant I have white widow auto and I also have the pot for a pot the 28grams pot. Need help on what type of light I need for one plant. Thanks


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Are you growing in a tent or closet space. If so how big is it?
Do you have a budget? Lights is the one place you dont want to go cheap or the plants just dont do well.
I wasted money on poor lights and know the pain of that.

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Hello @Spiney_norman im growing on my desktop I have the pot for a pot and yes I have a budget been looking up what led lights are good. But I’m stuck.

Look i use a 280watt quantum board LED grow light and it was more then good enough for my white widow i did last run i got nine ounces off one plant .a nice light that is 300watts from the wall will be more than enough whats sort of tent do u have what size do u have . viparspectra lights are good value for money they are a great light

This is the best choice for one or two plants.

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HLG Diablo 200. $200. 200w from the wall.


@Spiney_norman beat me to it. I just hooked mine up a week ago. Even dimmed all the way down it’s a beeeeeast.


I would have bought 4 of these by now if they had existed when I started.
I may at some point if I get the money.
Anyway @Adamesangel , this one will not disappoint.
They have a discount code “DUDE” which may give you a few bucks off.
Just checked and it will give you about 20 bucks off the price.

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Hello @Aussie_autos dont have a tent I’m growing with a pot for a pot. Don’t have enough space for a tent. I’m looking for a good light for one plant.

Viparspectra lights either the p series or xs series are great lights 2000 model is a great option and so is the same in the xs series or the 3000 p or xs that would be my choice it all depends on how much room u have in a open i would go the 3000 in either series in a cub board depending on the size i would go 2000 model in either one

I will find some pics of the lights

I tried the DUDE discount on it but it didn’t work. I googled other codes and found one for the same discount, but can’t remember for the life of me. It was $179.10 after, though.

Dude code always works unless it’s already been discounted, HLG would be my choice

Just now…

I should just hit the pay/pal button and do it…Lol

pot for a pot is a simple pot and soil system. What you going to do when it starts flowering and smelling great. How about temp and RH control and the needed dark and light cycle? Or do you want herm weed? If you don’t have room for a 2’x2’ tent, you honestly don’t have room to grow a plant… Good Luck!

I just grew a blueberry auto in one of these and got 3 oz dry
Not bad for a budget grow with a cheap burple light.

Is an hlg600 a good light and will it do a 5×5?

To be honest i dont know anything about that light so i wouldnt be able to tell u if it will be alright I’ve never had one maybe one of the other members can help u with this

It would cover according to the specs I would think it would be slightly undersized if you’re buying new I would go with the scorpion for that space more appropriately sized and not a whole lot more money or you could check refurb and probably get for the same price as the 600 it’ll just have a one-year warranty instead of five hope this helps