What type of caterpillar is this? Need help!

Help. Almost ready to harvest and now I see these freaking worms or cats… how do I get rid of these fast and without ruining my bud? Please help!!!


Doesn’t matter what kind, if it’s on your cannabis or other plants you care for, killcit and spray a bunch of pesticide. Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew Concentrate mixed at 1.5x strength


Will that make the smoke harsh or ???

Sorry just looked it up and sounds totally non harmful to me and others. They sure ruin prize bud. Gotta kill now! Will get it on asap. Thanks for the info

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I’m sorry I crashed before reading your reply. It is safe to use through harvest. And yes! Caterpillars do a lot of damage that you don’t find until it’s most likely too late. They burrow deep and eat the buds and doodoo all over them. But,bud washing was invented just for things like this! Look up Jorge Cervantez Bud Wash on YouTube. Or just type it in the search bar on the forum.