What to grow next?


I am just finishing my first grow and it has gone pretty well and i have learnt a lot but the yield isn’t looking too great, ill belucky to get 2 oz off my 3 plants. fghfgh|375x500

For my next grow I am trying to decide if I should do another auto or a photoperiod.

My setup:

  • 120x60x150CM tent
  • Viparspectra 450w LED [200w actual]
  • [just ordered] spider farmer sf-1000
  • 70% coco 30% perlite [4 gal fabric pots]
  • T6 cloudline extractor fan
  • Rhino filter 150mmx300mm

Is it worth the extra time to do a photoperiod?
Is there a massive difference in yeild?
How many photos could I get in my setup [I’m thinking 2]?
Should i stick with autos?

Im really aiming for something around 7+ oz every grow. Would that be achievable in my setup with 2 photos?

In a 120cmx60cm tent you could easily do 2, possibly 3 photo plants (I’d stick with 2).

Photos can grow as long as you want before flowering. So they grow larger and can have bigger yields than autos.

Not sure which spider farmer light you’re getting, but for a tent that size you’ll need a total of 400w of blurple at the wall for effective flowering.

7oz should be easily attainable with 2 photos and good lighting.


Who says photoperiod takes longer?
Strain aside, if you choose a short flowering strain, and go 12/12 from seed, you might be surprised at the results. Ive seen autos take as long as photoperiods to finish. The difference is they grow on any light schedule.
Another factor between photoperiod and autos is that you have control if you want it. If you want them to flower whenever they’re ready, just start from 12/12.