What to feed plants, different stages

I have 3 WW autos. Two are 4" tall and flowering g, one is 8 " and not flowering. Do I feed them all as if in veg?

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Whether or not you feed depends on the soil you are in, when was your last transplant, and so on, as most soils have sufficient nutrients for 4 to 6 weeks from the last transplant.

The best way to manage nutrient levels is to get yourself a PPM meter and manage proper PPMs.

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I used soil with no nutrients, transplanted a week ago.

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What specific soil? Very few soils have “no” nutes.

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Mediums like coco and peat have no nutrients most other potting type soils usually have some form of nutrients in it. What are you using - be specific.

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Just top soil from Walmart mixed with perlite, adding nutrients from growkit

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Gracie, they are trying to help you but you have to help them. What is the name brand as wally world sells lots of them & if it has time release nutes its a good thing to know. Like if it’s miracle grow there’s time release in it but like pro-mix hp has no nutes at all. So they need to know in order to help you. (stay away from miracle grow fer pot plants)


No that’s why autos can be difficult they all have their own internal alarm and can go off if the plant feels ready , you have to adjust your feeding schedule, I would do preflower nutes , then next feeding continue with full feeding for flower , continue veg with the rest , be in the look out they might be getting ready too

Velvet premium, contains manure

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I have no idea what is in that soil. My best advice is to get a PPM meter and manage to proper PPMs. Most of us do.

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How is your plant doing?