What spectrum light to use

I just planted two water germinated auto bubblegum seeds. I have full light spectrum on them now. When they sprout out should I got blue or blue red spectrum?

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What light do u have? Watts?

Less 50w

Led 50w

Without knowing exactly which model so I can look up specs I would say you want both on.

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I would say that intensity is more of a consideration because too much early as a seedling can cause stress and/or damage. As for spectrum full is best from start to finish. Not gospel but blue for veg and red for bloom with a full mixed being most useful. Historically, blurples (red/blue only) were thought to be optimal since the science indicated these spectrums were considered most relevant for growing. As technologies have developed so has the understanding of the spectrums. It’s commonly recommended that blurple users add a white light source.

Anything purple. Make sure it’s from Amazon.