Light color for seedlings

What color of light is best for auto seedlings?


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Short answer is blue spectrum for seedlings and veg period.
I have used a 5000k led bulb before about 3 inches above the plant.
Red spectrum for flowering.
It is more complicated in reality.
What have you got or what are you thinking of buying?


I have a 5 head flexible LED and three plants just out of the soil. First grow since childhood, HA!

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These aren’t helpful beyond the seedling stage. You will need ~600 watts of good cannabis lighting to flower 3 plants if you keep it indoors.

I stopped growing by 1981 and have just started back these past few years. It’s a lot of fun. Welcome to the forum.


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Thanks for the welcome! Well received on the 600 watt. Will start locking. Thanks again!

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Lighting is the subject of this video on YouTube.

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