What should I look for in well water test?

First off sorry if im in the wrong spot for this. I finished off my first grow and it went pretty decent. I have well water and wanted to get it tested but didnt know what i should be looking out for specifically.


Just looking for the PH and PPM


I use well water too. My readings on just the well water before adding nutes and ph up is 6.13 pH 32 ppm. If you can get you a meter. I got both the ppms/ec and ph meter as a set together on amazon for about $20… vivosun is the brand I think.

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Link to the meters I have.

I got the combo for $13 and some change. It comes with solutions for you to calibrate the meter and all. If you can afford a better one, go for it. I hear a lot of good things about it and quite a few people on here use it as well. The brand is Apera, I?,

Apera 20, Apera 60EZ both work well, calibrate. and are dependable.
More $

32ppm is almost pure water and would have no meaningful pH reading. So no meaningful pH reading is possible until you add nutrients.

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