Recommendations for digital Ph meters

Anyone have suggestions on a reliable digital Ph meter? I’d like one that can do both soil and water if possible. Budget is $200 or less. Thanks in advance .

Depends on what your really wanting to spend. I love my bluelab pens but they run about 100 or so. Apera is the next best bet around 40-80


The Apera pc60 is about 120 i believe and reads PH,EC,PPM,and salinity and is accurate you can also purchase new probes if it ever breaks for what ever reason ive had mine for 2 years now and never had a issue with it if you do get it id also recommend spending another 10 bones to get some storage solution for the probe


I just got a Hanna HI9813-5 meter. Anyone have any experience with this one? It was stored dry for a couple years. It is my grandsons. He is a horticultural grad. This meter has never been used. I think it does it all. I’m reading info and studying at the University of YouTube.

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I’ve heard of Hanna, but I’ve not seen this model referenced much. The only other time I’ve seen it referenced here in the forum is in a post that I’ll link below. It looks like a fine meter.

You will want to calibrate it if it has been sitting for a while.


I have had good luck with the Hanna brand, and I first used them at work. I just use their ph plus meter and their EC meter. Probably $110 to 120 invested in both.
This Blue Lab calibration kit will let get the sensor rehydrated and calibrated for about $25.

Bluelab is what I use and I really like it. Just make sure whatever you get also buy calibration solution.

Thanks for the info. I have only used PH test strips in the swimming pool. lol. I’m fixing to add nutrients to my four queens. I’m at day 20 of a first time grow without any nutrients. However the soil is a custom blend my grandson had made for starting paw paw trees. It’s peat moss, vermiculite, some coco, some kind of pellets he gets from the treatment plant and something else that escapes my brain. They look great. This pic is from day 18. I’m trying to figure out the blend of nutrients next, but I want to get the meter figured out first.

Cannabis needs soils that are pH buffered. It helps to add dolomite lime to your soil blend to stabilize pH.

It’s best to use a product intended for cannabis, which has unique requirements. Jacks 321 is a great choice that is used by a lot of experienced growers.

That was the other ingredient I could not remember. He had it PH buffered. He is a Horticulture and Entomology Graduate. So he had a good idea of soil. and we got impulsive in the middle of the night and decided we planting now! So we put up the tent that been in the box since July. He went and got pots, and mix from their greenhouse 75 yards from my house. And away we went. I’ve had the seeds since July as well. I’m learning on the fly. But yes, I agree, better to use Jacks. Next grow I will be more refined. The devil is in the details. I appreciate all the info you experienced guys been feeding me!

By the way I bought a greenhouse today. I got the frame and a roll of 100’ by 24’ of 6mil sheet for $200! What can I grow in that? Yeah!!!


Nice score.

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