=( What should I do? Chop?

So my shark attack strain by dinafem seeds is starting to really worry me. It is at its seventh week of flowering and its starting to show a lot of sign of mildew. Ive seen some mildew on it before but not this wide spread. I am especially worried because I don’t know how to treat it because it is so late into flowering and don’t want to lose my precious buds.
I have a total of 5 plants in my tent and there is plenty of circulation going through it, One 435 CFM hurricane inline fan that is running 24/7 and one fan that circulates the air. also have just about every vent open .
I have tried drying out the plant for a couple of days in hope that it will help battle the mildews growth but I couldn’t keep it up because the plants definetely needs a lot of liquid at this point.
I have started my flush and will probably just chop to this upcoming week/weekend because idont want this to get out of hand.
Also there is no sign of this spreading onto my other plants I constantly rotate them to check them and it only seems to be on this plant
thanks in advance guys I appreciate all and any advice.

these are not all of the spots but these were the ones I could take pictures of right away

You could maybe wash you’re harvest with the h202 and probably salvage most of it, but if it’s really infected I would put it right in the garbage. One of those buds looks kinda fuzzy :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve also heard you can use milk …6 parts water 1 part milk. Also get your humidity down as much as possible (dehumidifier ).

Pretty sure fans can spread it if they blow on it, but fans will help with humidity. If it’s in one section I might suggest just chopping it out.

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damn this is a bummer especially because the buds looked so good. :confused:
thank you

@Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan62 a

From what i can see, it looks to be just on the leafs in the bud shots u posted. You can salvage the buds, cut the leafs off and do not let them or the trimmers come in contact with the buds. Wash them in a peroxide mix. Look up jorge cervantes washing buds


dope!! yeah it has only been on the leafs. And is that on youtube?


Yes it should be.


Definitely going to do this. I’m just going to flush the plant for one more day then time for chopping!!


I know this is a dumb question but this is also my first grow, what would potentially happen if I were to smoke my plant with some mildew? Like small traces at most?


When your done with your harvest you’ll need to clean down your grow room real or your roblem will still be there .

And I also want to Welcome you to ILGM As you can see we have some awesome fokes here and a awesome community.



It will make you sick, how sick I don’t know but do you really want to find out? I don’t think so…


No definitely not but I was just curious. And by cleaning just take some h2o2 and wipe it all down??

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Just wash i’em the way Jorge did in the video and you’ll be fine…

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I use cleaning vinegar, baking soda and peroxide to wash my tent. I use alcohol on all my tools (mainly my trimmers)to sterilize them. You can use these in a variety of ways just Google it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry to see the issue your dealing with you got good advice from everyone
Once your room is good and clean id make sure you have pleanty of Air moving next run maybe add a extra fan or two
Try to keep humidity in check especially during flower @AlmightyHAM


You can put cheap 50% alcohol in a spray bottle and use it for lots of cleaning/sanitizing.

Oh, and the 90% is always on hand to for cleaning bongs and it removes Sharpie. Check a small spot, but you can usually label plastic, metal, or other smooth stuff with Sharpie, then it wipes right off.


Could it be like genetic or something? Because it was a clone. I’ve had the fan blow directly on it but it still seems to allow it to develop.

Opening a slit at the top of your grow tent will help run out humidity.

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