What’s wrong with my gga?

Hello hello. This gga auto was doing just fine until a couple days ago. Leaves started curling down and now are dying.

Cannaterra professional
Advanced nutrients line
50 percent rh
Temps between 18-28c
Quantum led board

All other plants in tent are fine

She’s in week 7 of flower and almost looks like self cannibalization but I don’t think she’s done yet. Thoughts?

@BobbyDigital any ideas or can you tag someone?

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Not sure if over fed or under fed, ph issue or salt buildup. That’s pretty severe cannibalism for only a couple days. Need some input and runoff ppm’s/ec.

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Closer pictures , nute lock out maybe , check under the leaves :leaves:

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My ppm meter broke unfortunately. Same feeding schedule as all other plants tho and no issues with those. I just gave it a good flush. The flowers themselves look good

Each plant is different. Something happened to her she didn’t like. You can go ahead and start pre trimming. Those leaves aren’t doing any good anymore.

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Under fed that’s phosphorous deficiency when you’re that deep into flower if your roots aren’t getting enough it’ll suck the top leaves dry. I get that all the time with fast buds strains they have such big buds and go into flower so fast I don’t preload my coco with enough phosphorous