What kind of strain is this? Is it possible to know?

Is there anyway of knowing the exact strain this plant produces just from the look? Also, I know y’all don’t really know, But from the looks alone, how many more weeks do you think this plant would need til harvest? I heard that you should wait til about 70-85 percent of the pistils are orange/red/brown, then cut plant. I believe this to be true and that’s what I plan to do. When harvest came around, I was going to cut the branches instead of the main trunk to let it continue to grow, instead of cutting the whole plant. Anyways, from there I was gonna hang it to myceiling fan to allow ventilation and drying. Then trim. Then jar? Does this sound right? I’m just trying to produce the best yield as far as potency and have things planned out. Thanks everyone!

There’s really no way to tell what strain you have there, sorry. As for harvesting, you should get yourself a magnifying scope so you can view the trichomes on the buds. This is the best way to tell if the plant is ready for harvest. If you only wait till the pistils turn brown, then you will be harvesting too early.


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