What is up with this plant? Doesn't even look like cannabis

Today is 14 days from sprout and this Chocolope doesn’t look right. It doesn’t look like it will make more nodes. There are 3 other seedlings and they all look nominal (see second pic). Is it possible I unknowingly physically damaged it?

Here’s Pat lol

And here’s a Gold Leaf right next to it.

FWIW, I germinated more than I really need so it’s not a huge deal if this one is gonzo.

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If you move that uni-leaf aside, is there any sign of a deformed second leaf growing under it?

Since it’s a photoperiod, you could always try snipping that node off (top it).

Yes, there is some weirdness underneath. Thanks and sorry for the blurple.

Hmmmm…I’d snip off the uni-leaf, but I could be wrong. Let’s get somebody else in here. @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971

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@poundcake I wouldn’t stress it looks like it starting to grow side shoots

You can remove the single finger leaves or leave them they will turn yellow eventually and fall off
I normally pull them once a few sets are established
Natural light is best when trying to diagnose a issue in this case it’s ok

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14 days isn’t a long time, and sometimes the runts will often outgrow rest of crop. If it’s not hurting anything right now I would leave it.


Thanks all. I hear ya @dbrn32 about the runts/laggers. My first grow had a late sprout and another just grew way slower early and they’re all same size now.

I was a bit concerned that the big leaf at top with no ability to make nodes would shade the new leafs/node below but I’ll just let it go.

It almost looks like the leaf at top is just one side/half of the first node and the other side/half is what is now growing near cotyledons. I now remember that one cotyledon was deformed on this one.

I’ll name her Auto-top lol.


It’s growing down by the cotyledons. I just now cut that uni-leaf off, right when the lights went out. It was shading the new growth and it looks like there’s enough new leaf surface area below to keep her going.

Just wanted to follow up on this. Here it is now, Autotop was right. :smile: